Monday, June 11, 2012

Tarantula Week!

Querida famila,

Straight up tarantula week, I swear. Since we first found that tarantula in our closet last week, I made a joke to Elder Williams that night that it had eggs, and now its children will be out to get us. Little did I know I could predict the future! Another one came out while we were cleaning the church the other day, then another one in the bishops office while we were using the phone, then another one outside while we were talking with some members. And get this, we were in a lesson on Saturday, Elder Williams and I were teaching Manuel and Leticia. So we're in the lesson, I'm talking and I take a pause, Elder Williams leans over to me super casually and in english says "Look at your right leg.." I look down at my foot and I don't see anything. But then I look at my knee and underneath is a huge tarantula just chilling there crawled up in a little ball in the fold of my pant by my knee. I immediately stood up, my scriptures fell to the ground and the tarantula fell off and ran. Ahh, totally got my blood running quite a bit, to say the least. I'm starting to really hate these tarantulas, I think they're starting to come out now because of the heat, its so hot not, I'm sweating non-stop all day.

Well, this week has been all kinds of interesting. Elder Williams and I have been working, like always, looking for new people and dropping the old ones. Sometimes it seems like the same old thing every day, but I know we will be blessed for our diligence. We're trying to work even more with the ward now, in taking members with us to alot of lessons. It changes the spirit of the lesson SO much. Its crazy. For example, we met Manuel and Leticia in the street, and set an appointment to visit them in their home. That day we had divisiones (splits), I went with the Abuelo Román, and Elder Williams went with Chivi to an FHE.  Abuelo and I went to Manuel and Leticia to the appointment, and it was great, he was their neighbor and understood them in alot of ways, was able to answer alot of their questions in a way that they trusted having known him for a long time and all. 

So the next appointment, we did divisions again, and Abuelo went with me again, and we taught the Restoration, and Manuel said he didn't even want to pray to know if it was true because he was already convinced. Then, the next appointment, Abuelo couldn't go, and just Elder Williams and I went. Wow what a difference now, they acted totally different not having Abuelo there with us. They didn't want to accept as much as we were saying, and doubted us.. Upon leaving, I really comprehended how great of an effect the members can have on the people who we teach. Members can make the whole difference in the teaching period. Maybe we have found so many chosen people, but we just didn't realize it because we never had members to accompany us to visit them. They really come out of their shell with members in the lessons. Because they don't feel like we (the missionaries) are the only ones. They feel more loved when the members come.

My invitation is for everyone to call your missionaries today (whatever day it is that you are reading this) and ask them if you can accompany them in a visit this week. You will see miracles, and you will feel the love of the Lord just wrap around you in His thankfulness for your willingness to edify His kingdom. Do work, I know these things are true.
I love you!

-Elder Knight

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  1. I am always encouraged when I read your posts. I actually went on a call with the Sisters in our ward recently. It was very interesting. I didnt want to overstep, but I wound up challenging the couple to fast and pray for a testimony. I drew on my own experiences as an investigator.

    My Bishop told Mike yesterday that my mission paperwork has been turned into the Stake President. I dont know if you heard about it, but I will be serving as a Customer Support Rep for New Family Search - from home. Isn't that cool?

    Thanks again for sharing your experiences with us.

    -Sister Schmidt