Monday, July 30, 2012

Mis queridos papás y hermanas,
From what I hear, sounds like everything is going smoothly at home. Tell Reagan and Caitlynn to check their emails. Felicidades a Zack! Going to Chile, I've got a few Carmen bros there. Maybe he'll find them, who knows. Congrats to Jeff, my man, for getting into BYU. I always knew you were smart. And thanks for the letter, I DO plan on writing you back soon. Although I have not written almost any letters in my mission (having half of them always get returned for who knows what reason). Kristian, congrats on your new surfboard! I can't wait to go out soon again, and you can show me up with everything you've learned. And I can show you up with everything I've spiriutally learned. Hahaha. I will try writing you guys again soon, see if it gets to you this time. I sent an envelope with letters to all the guys, but it came back. Maybe what I wrote wasn't right, I'll write something else haha. And many congrats to Mimi, I am SO proud of you, you are a hero of mine. I still have my first bon-ice wrapper (which I bought with the pesos you gave me before I left haha). I was going to send it home in a package, but then I didn't have money =( so I left the box of stuff with a member in Ciuchapa who will store it until someday we return. Then you will have your bonice wrapper. =D (and some bonice! maybe! woohoo!)

Well I am here in Emiliano Zapata, Tabasco. With Elder Callejas. Speaks perfect english, its way funny, but we always talk in spanish because its better that way. It's cool to be with him, because he has almost the same time in the mission as I do, and because we both work really hard it makes everything turn out a lot better and easier in the long run. We're helping the zone so that everyone can start baptizing again, because its going down right now...

We just had two baptisms this weekend in our area. One with Christhel, who the missionaries were preparing before I got here. And the other in Playa Larga (a small little pueblo in our area), Manuel, who the missionaries were teaching a little bit but didn't have plans to baptize him. But when we went to playa larga last week we talked with him and he had the desire to be baptized. He got confirmed yesterday, in the little family unit located in Playa Larga (like 30 people who meet up in a house there so they don't have to travel all the way to Zapata). And he volunteered to give a talk in 2 weeks. Haha he is so great. I'll try and see if I can post some pictures for you to see them (see below-thanks dad). It was a great baptismal service, although a bit hectic with the whole boat situation to cross the river. 

Anyways.... There are always people prepared to hear the gospel, the Lord has called us to go out and find them. "Behold the field is white, and ready for the harvest" There are so many people ready to accept the gospel, they just need to find it or we need to find them. Sometimes the missionaries find them, but alot of times its the regular members of the church who need to find them! I honestly can't remember who said it, but an apostle or 70 said something among these lines: Our missionaries are trained to be the best of teachers, to teach with the Spirit and help the people reach true conversion through the power of the Spirit. But the sad news is that they often waste the time that they can be teaching these people, because they have to spend so much time looking for them. If we as members can learn how to find these people ourselves, the work will move a lot faster, and the Spirit will work more abundantly in our lives to guide us to the rest of our Heavenly Father's precious children.
I love you all. "Do work"

Love, Elder Knight

Monday, July 23, 2012

Moving on to Emiliano Zapata

We put a table out in the park and handed out pamphlets and informacion

Didn't we used to have a Pooh bubble blower like that before too?!

My new hat woo hoo

The Baptism!

Everyone who came to the baptism

The familia Correa Bautista

Enjoying the Hammock

¡Hola, mi familia!
I hope you are all doing so great. Well, surprise! Don't have much time to write this week either. But transfers came yesterday. I'm going to the town of Emiliano Zapata tomorrow morning. My new companion will be Elder Callejas. I heard he learned english from watching the Batman movie 6 times in a row or something. Pretty sick, a fellow Batman lover. I have decided that when I meet him, I will tell him that my first name is Dark. Sooo Dark Knight haha, we'll see how it goes. We'll have the chance to help alot of missionaries in these next few weeks. I'm so stoked out of my life. I don't know why. I'm scared to leave my home here in Cuichapa, because it is so my home now since I've been here for 7 months, I'm practically family with so many people here. I love them so much and it will be so hard to leave them all. But the hope is that I will be meeting many more of my spiritual family members in Zapata these next few months. I'M SO EXCITED!
Elder Williams is pretty excited too, who knows why. I think its because I'm finally leaving him.. Hahaha nah just kidding. He's pretty weirded out, wondering what its going to be like to have a native companion. I will be praying for him, because its been a rough few months for him here in Mexico. He understands Spanish perfect, but has trouble with the people and the culture. He'll get it down in no time though.

I will ask the President about you coming down to see me when I finish the mission and then I'll let you know what he says. Also I will keep an eye out for the b-day package, thank you very much. You guys are so great. I gave a talk yesterday and pretty much planched the whole ward with so much love. It was unbelievably great. Everyone was so planched but wanted me to know how much they knew they needed to hear it, haha, it was so great. (P.s. Planch means like drilling them, or telling them frank what they're not doing right) Nonetheless, it was a great to say the least.  

I love you all so much.  News Flash- Fany got baptized!  We got to her, Mom, I started sharing a conference talk with her and I copied it and gave it to her to read and it inspired her to start reading the Book of Mormon.  What a great family.  It was so awesome to see them in church together.  Her mom, Flor, hadn't been to church in years.  The Spirit got to her heart and she couldn't deny it.  So great.  So great.  So great.

I love you!

Elder Knight

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Not much time to write this week....I just remind myself that God loves me so much and has given me this great opportunity to serve the wonderful people of Southern Mexico.  I have come to love these people so much!  It has truly been a blessing to have been offered this area to serve in.   I know that I must have some big responsibilities in this life, because He has given me the best family here on earth to prepare me for such a life. Really. I love you all so much.   I can't wait for the day we can see each other again, and I can tell you how much good I have done, how hard I worked, how great it feels to serve the Lord. And then one day return back to my father in Heaven, and give the same report, along with a testimony of the great work my own earthly father and mother had done to help me through all of it.

I hope you all have a great week!  I know that I will.  The work is moving forward!

Love, Elder Knight

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hey familia!

What a great week. So many miracles growing here in Cuichapa. I just hope I'll be here to enjoy them! Rumors going around the branch yesterday that I'm going soon.. Neither of us told anyone about cambios or anything, weird. Who knows haha

Well, we're still working with a few people. Flor needs to reactivate herself so that her daughter Fany (an excellent little girl who loves the church, and is memorizing the 13 articles of faith!) can get baptized soon. Also, Karina (daughter of a recent convert who moved to Jalapa) wants to get baptized here, so should be returning this week. We will be planning the baptismal service for this weekend...

And Jose Luis, another kid who has been studying with the testigos de jehovah, loves listening to us, and wants to get baptized. We just have to help him receive the pèrsonal revelation that this is the church with the proper authority to perform this ordinance. And Odón, we have a lesson with him tonight, Grandpa is going to go with us.. We'll see how it turns out because Grandpa Román has a good habit of talking and explaining things a little too much. But I'll do my best to keep the lesson under control, say a prayer for me please haha.
And I made a sweet copy of the conference liahona to put in my bag, fits just perfect. So sweet, now I can read the Liahona or share the words of our modern day prophets whenever I want! Wooo!

Elder Williams is doing better, still some times when I have to animate him (keep him excited about our work), and help him understand that even when things are hard, we just have to press on. I loved Danny's letter that he sent me today. I am going to apply that alot in my mission from now on, and teach it to Elder Williams too. How Ammon didn't convert the King until he had served him almost to the death. Crazy cool. Service is really a big key here in Cuichapa, just serving the people.

I went on exchanges with Elder Cottrell on tuesday, man that just made my week. We went and talked with so many people, I learned alot from that guy, even though he's younger then me in the mission. I learned (Again) that we just have to gain the confidence of people. Because sometimes I just fall in the routine of preaching and inviting people to come unto Christ, without letting them gain confidence in us. So I've been getting to know everyone we talk to, so that we can better understand how to help them, as well as help them see how the gospel can bless them in every aspect of their lives. 

I love you all so much, love hearing from you too! Thanks for the letter Haley, and the photos, looks like you're having a blast! Keep preparing yourself, read Preach My Gospel every day.
Love you all so much! Bye!
Love, Elder Knight

P.S. DAD! You have a Lexus! Man, how weird do you feel?? You should most likely be tired of driving it in a few months already, right?? haha
P.S. Mom, I just remembered today that your sware word is 'shopping' haha I laughed for like 10 minutes today it was so funny when I remembered it hahaha I love you guys so much!

Monday, July 2, 2012

...tough week here in Cuichapa...

Mi querida familia,

Man, a tough week here in Cuichapa...
To say the least, we are trying everything posible to help the branch grow. I feel lost at times, like I've tried everything posible already in this area, and nothing seems to function as it should. but I dont let it show. Elder Williams gets down sometimes, I often have to motivate him to keep working or smile and be happy. He talks negative sometimes, and I just ignore him. I understand him though, because we work so hard, but aren't seeing the results that we would like. But with faith and hope, I know that we are making a difference in something. Horacio and his mom made a raffle for the suitcase, and got 600 pesos, so that Horacio can go to EFY and we can use the rest for ward activities.

We did an exposition in the park on saturday, talked with over 100 people, invited them all to church. Lots of rejection, 2 addresses, and one guy who came to church yesterday. I'm not complaining, if I do 200 contacts and only find one person who is chosen, I will be content and happy. Out of all the people we invited to church, one came. Boom: Miracle.
I was reading Alma 31 this week, and I feel alot like Alma sometimes. Like I want to do everything possible to help these people, but they don't let in. They don't want to change, or make commitments, even when they can be so blessed for obeying the commandments of God. I pray that we can find the success we are looking for. Miracles happen.
At then end of the chapter, the words say something like, "And this came to pass according to the prayer of Alma, because he prayed with faith."
I'm looking for how I can pray with more faith, one being always trying my best to work for the blessings I ask for. And helping the ward members to do the same. Often we ask for the poor that they can eat, or that the homeless may find shelter, but what are we doing to give food to them, or shelter them ourselves? We ask that the missionaries find the people who are ready, or that the people accept them in their homes, but what do we do to help the missionaries find those people? Or how to we motivate people to accept the missionaries in their homes? Something to think about... I love you all, so proud of your faith and acts of service. May our Father in Heaven bless you in all that you ask Him.
Love, Elder Knight