Monday, July 23, 2012

Moving on to Emiliano Zapata

We put a table out in the park and handed out pamphlets and informacion

Didn't we used to have a Pooh bubble blower like that before too?!

My new hat woo hoo

The Baptism!

Everyone who came to the baptism

The familia Correa Bautista

Enjoying the Hammock

¡Hola, mi familia!
I hope you are all doing so great. Well, surprise! Don't have much time to write this week either. But transfers came yesterday. I'm going to the town of Emiliano Zapata tomorrow morning. My new companion will be Elder Callejas. I heard he learned english from watching the Batman movie 6 times in a row or something. Pretty sick, a fellow Batman lover. I have decided that when I meet him, I will tell him that my first name is Dark. Sooo Dark Knight haha, we'll see how it goes. We'll have the chance to help alot of missionaries in these next few weeks. I'm so stoked out of my life. I don't know why. I'm scared to leave my home here in Cuichapa, because it is so my home now since I've been here for 7 months, I'm practically family with so many people here. I love them so much and it will be so hard to leave them all. But the hope is that I will be meeting many more of my spiritual family members in Zapata these next few months. I'M SO EXCITED!
Elder Williams is pretty excited too, who knows why. I think its because I'm finally leaving him.. Hahaha nah just kidding. He's pretty weirded out, wondering what its going to be like to have a native companion. I will be praying for him, because its been a rough few months for him here in Mexico. He understands Spanish perfect, but has trouble with the people and the culture. He'll get it down in no time though.

I will ask the President about you coming down to see me when I finish the mission and then I'll let you know what he says. Also I will keep an eye out for the b-day package, thank you very much. You guys are so great. I gave a talk yesterday and pretty much planched the whole ward with so much love. It was unbelievably great. Everyone was so planched but wanted me to know how much they knew they needed to hear it, haha, it was so great. (P.s. Planch means like drilling them, or telling them frank what they're not doing right) Nonetheless, it was a great to say the least.  

I love you all so much.  News Flash- Fany got baptized!  We got to her, Mom, I started sharing a conference talk with her and I copied it and gave it to her to read and it inspired her to start reading the Book of Mormon.  What a great family.  It was so awesome to see them in church together.  Her mom, Flor, hadn't been to church in years.  The Spirit got to her heart and she couldn't deny it.  So great.  So great.  So great.

I love you!

Elder Knight

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