Monday, July 9, 2012

Hey familia!

What a great week. So many miracles growing here in Cuichapa. I just hope I'll be here to enjoy them! Rumors going around the branch yesterday that I'm going soon.. Neither of us told anyone about cambios or anything, weird. Who knows haha

Well, we're still working with a few people. Flor needs to reactivate herself so that her daughter Fany (an excellent little girl who loves the church, and is memorizing the 13 articles of faith!) can get baptized soon. Also, Karina (daughter of a recent convert who moved to Jalapa) wants to get baptized here, so should be returning this week. We will be planning the baptismal service for this weekend...

And Jose Luis, another kid who has been studying with the testigos de jehovah, loves listening to us, and wants to get baptized. We just have to help him receive the pèrsonal revelation that this is the church with the proper authority to perform this ordinance. And Odón, we have a lesson with him tonight, Grandpa is going to go with us.. We'll see how it turns out because Grandpa Román has a good habit of talking and explaining things a little too much. But I'll do my best to keep the lesson under control, say a prayer for me please haha.
And I made a sweet copy of the conference liahona to put in my bag, fits just perfect. So sweet, now I can read the Liahona or share the words of our modern day prophets whenever I want! Wooo!

Elder Williams is doing better, still some times when I have to animate him (keep him excited about our work), and help him understand that even when things are hard, we just have to press on. I loved Danny's letter that he sent me today. I am going to apply that alot in my mission from now on, and teach it to Elder Williams too. How Ammon didn't convert the King until he had served him almost to the death. Crazy cool. Service is really a big key here in Cuichapa, just serving the people.

I went on exchanges with Elder Cottrell on tuesday, man that just made my week. We went and talked with so many people, I learned alot from that guy, even though he's younger then me in the mission. I learned (Again) that we just have to gain the confidence of people. Because sometimes I just fall in the routine of preaching and inviting people to come unto Christ, without letting them gain confidence in us. So I've been getting to know everyone we talk to, so that we can better understand how to help them, as well as help them see how the gospel can bless them in every aspect of their lives. 

I love you all so much, love hearing from you too! Thanks for the letter Haley, and the photos, looks like you're having a blast! Keep preparing yourself, read Preach My Gospel every day.
Love you all so much! Bye!
Love, Elder Knight

P.S. DAD! You have a Lexus! Man, how weird do you feel?? You should most likely be tired of driving it in a few months already, right?? haha
P.S. Mom, I just remembered today that your sware word is 'shopping' haha I laughed for like 10 minutes today it was so funny when I remembered it hahaha I love you guys so much!

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