Monday, July 25, 2011

Querido familia,

  Sounds like an awesome week! I can't believe everyone is getting married! That's crazy. I hope you're all doing well.

  This week has been a great one. Full of just about everything! Elder de los Santos and I are getting along more and more every day. I've been thinking alot about how I can get the work moving here in our area. Its been a big change, this transfer. Elder Plummer and I were always literally running around every day trying to do as much as we possibly could in the short 11 hours of proselyting time in our day. And here its such a big change to be have only a few appointments every day, and spend so much time doing nothing. It has been a struggle for me to know what to do lately, to be honest.

I want to help my companion so that we can get more done. I really am not a happy missionary when I feel like I'm not doing anything. But I've been having to trust him because I do not know the area as well, and I do not want to undermine him while he is the senior companion. But we went on divisions last week to do baptismal interviews, and my zone leader, Elder Luna, gave me a lot of good insight and advice. I'm so glad to have such great leaders here in my mission, I want to be like them someday! I've been getting to know the area a lot more this week, so that I can know where we're going and the best ways we can get work done here.

  As for our investigators, they´re all awesome! We have been teaching this man named Agustín and his wife, Manuela, and they're getting married this week and baptized on Saturday! They were being taught before I got here, but it's still so inspiring to see how excited they are every time we come over. They´re both about 65 years old, but excited like little children. They remind me of how Christ said that we should all be like little children to be received into the Kingdom of God. They are so ready and willing to do what it takes to become baptized, like getting married. It is truly amazing.

  Shirley was baptized this week, as well as 3 other children of a member in the ward. Shirley also had been being taught before I got here, but it was so amazing to see the changes in her family as we continued teaching her in their home. Her mom, Martha, had gone to the church about 10 years ago but was never baptized, and goes to another church right now. She knows very much about the word of God, but I can see such a strong hunger she still has for more. I feel like she and I have really connected since I arrived here. She´s always asking me questions and listens to us while we're teaching Shirley. She came to the baptism on Friday night, but missed the confirmation of the Gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday in Sacrament meeting. They invited us over to eat breakfast with them this morning, and being our P-Day (And I don't have much food in our home) we gladly accepted haha! I was describing to Martha this morning, chapter 6 of Luke. And one thing that really stuck out to her was in verse 19 how when the people touched him, they could feel virtue leave him. In the spanish Reina-Valera version, it says 'poder' which means power. And she told me about what Shirley told her happened on Sunday. How during her confirmation, immediately when we put our hands on top of her head, she felt a power leave from our hands into her.

Shirley had not shared this with us, but it was so amazing to hear it from her mother, and how true her mother already knew it was. And as I continued to speak to her about the Priesthood, she asked me when I thought she should get baptized. I was almost star-struck, at how many missionaries had passed through her home, and she still had not understood completely or accepted the gospel. Needless to say we talked a bit about how she should feel before she is baptized, and the testimony she must have. I loved it! We were just eating breakfast and resting in their home, when I found the opportunity to share to gospel a bit more, and have this amazing experience today. I felt so blessed to be there when she asked that question, and I know that my Savior is blessing me with these opportunities because of my work and desires to serve Him.

I know that this gospel is the truly restored gospel of Jesus Christ. That the Priesthood that he gave to Paul, is again on the earth. This power to guide and direct His church, this rock, has been given to us again. I know that Thomas S. Monson is our living prophet today, that he is God's mouthpiece to guide us in these very days. I know that he is a true representative of Jesus Christ. That Christ lives, He speaks to us today through this prophet. Just as He did when He restored the church through the prophet Joseph Smith. Read the Book of Mormon, and you can receive a knowledge and testimony of all these things for yourself. Pray, and He will answer your doubts. He will answer you, because He loves you.

Love, Elder Knight

Monday, July 18, 2011

Aquí estoy en la Ciudad del Carmen

Querido familia mía,

  Well here I am in the City of Carmen. It's way more modernized here than in Minatitlan, but a lot hotter too everyone says. It's been raining on and off this week though, so I haven't really experienced much heat yet. But I'm loving it here so far! My new companion is Elder de los Santos, he's from Sinaloa and this will be his last transfer. So in mission terms, I'm going to "kill" him. We've been getting along great so far, even though it's a bit harder expressing myself when he doesn't know much English. But it's definitely for the better, because now I'm feeling even better and better with my spanish here. The people here are so nice! It seems like they always want to feed us and give us stuff here, its crazy. I'm going to have to get used to it a bit more.
  I've also decided this week that I'm going to write you more about the people I'm teaching, like you asked, because I know I've been slacking alot on that lately. But, I'll have to wait until next week because I still don't really know who anyone is here yet. We did eat with our mission leader yesterday. He made Mexican crabs for us. And made sure that I tell you haha. I really liked it, but it was super annoying having to break open everything to get to the meat. I'd rather have a burger =D But hey, I'm in Mexico right? I'll have a burger in two years from now haha

  This weekend, we assisted a funeral of the father of a family in our ward. It was very sad to see this happen. I met the family just two days before, and they were all so nice to us. It was a bit uncomfortable being in the funeral, to be honest, because I didn't know anyone. But nonetheless, I could feel so much love from the family, when it was THEIR hard times, they were still offering us water and food, and asking how WE were doing. I could hardly believe how strong they all are.

There was a funeral service saturday night with all of the family there, it was in their home. And then on Sunday after church in the afternoon with more people from the ward too. It was awesome how everyone who spoke shared their testimony of the gospel we have here on the earth. Of the blessings they have received of peace and comfort due to the knowledge they have of the life-to-come, all because of the church. That we have a Savior, Jesus Christ, who has suffered the worst of physical death for us, so that we may overcome it. Who has made it possible so that they WILL see their father again, and they WILL live with him, as a family, forever and ever in the kingdom of God. I am so grateful for my Savior, and for the blessing of this gospel in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was a great weekend to hear such strong testimonies after such a devestating occurance happened.

  I love you all so much. I'm going to send some pictures as soon as I buy a card-reader, I always used Elder Plummer's in Paquital. I am so happy for Haley and Caitlynn, that they will be going to the temple together this week! I read Our Search for Happiness these past few days, and it really reminded me of you Dad, I miss you so much. I am so grateful that my Heavenly Father blesses me with 'goodly parents' like you, my Mom and Dad forever! I love hearing about how you all are doing. I'm so happy that Chelsea can be living so close to everyone again. I'm super proud of her and Danny who, as well as everyone, are in my prayers always. I know that our Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ, are watching over all of us with so much care in these days. Love you all, forever and always.

Sincerely, Elder Trevor Knight

Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm being transferred to la Ciudad de Carmen- right on the water on the Gulf of Mexico!

Querido familia,
I bring sad news this week.. I am already leaving my area =( I cannot believe it! I was just starting to really grab onto spanish to the point that I could really get to know everyone here and create friendships and trust with the members. And ya, already, I am going. Elder Plummer and I thought for sure that we would both be staying this transfer too. We found out after church yesterday while we were turning in our numbers for the week. And then we went to go check on Angel, who I baptized in our first transfer, because he hurt his leg and didn't come to church. Breaking the news to them was so hard. I didn't want to say anything, but Elder Plummer mentioned that I had news to break. Haha
 I want to just disappear, because it seems so much easier than saying goodbye to everyone! We went to the Tobilla's home last night, and they couldn't believe us the first 10 times we told them. I was laughing because they didn't want to believe us, and they thought that I was laughing because I was joking about leaving.
Nevertheless, I am excited to see a new area. To see what God has in store for me in la Ciudad de Carmen, Barrio(Ward) Universidad. I know that President Casteñeda is guided by the spirit while organizing the transfers, and that Carmen must be where the Lord wants me. That there are people there waiting to receive the gospel that we are going to bring to them. I know that we have a Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us, because He loves us all SOO much. That He has given us this church to guide us in the right path, to recieve the ordinances of His kingdom throuhgh the Priesthood on the Earth today. I testify that Joseph Smith was a prophet called of God, to restore the original church that Jesus Christ established while He lived. I know that He organized this church for our benefit, for our salvation, for our eternal happiness. Search for the truth, and you will find it.
"Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you; seek me diligently and ye shall find me; ask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you."
*Ya me voy (I already am going), but here are some scriptures that I liked this week
Mark 8:34-35, DyC 24:7-8, >Jacob 6:12<
Love you, love you, love you,

Monday, July 4, 2011

Mi querido familia,

       Another great week here in Minatitlan! It has been raining alot the last couple of days. Its pretty cool, it doesn't rain too much, but it cools down to about 85'F sometimes. Feels so good to sleep without sweating all night haha. Although there have been a few days where it rained all day, and we were just soaked walking from appointment to appointment. But fortunately my shoes are still holding up, although I'm not exactly sure how, but my feet were mostly dry both days! And the thunder and lightning always comes with the rain, its pretty cool too. But kind of slows us down in talking to people on the streets because nobody wants to stand outside in the rain.
Nevertheless, I'm happy and enjoying every second here, even in the rain!
       I hope you are all doing fine in the United States. Whoa! Happy 4th of July! I almost forgot! We're obviously not celebrating it down here, except for Elder Plummer and I. We're still working on how though haha. Sounds like Grandma and Grandpas' house in Ohio is beautiful! Although they can make anything beautiful, it must be pretty sweet with all those birds and wildlife there. We have alot of wild dogs here, they scare the crap out of Elder Plummer sometimes, but I don't think any of them will bite us. One of them was being kind of aggressive the other day, and I just kept walking thinking it was smelling my foot. Elder Plummer said it was trying to bite me, and when I bent down to pick up a rock to scare it away it immediately ran away. Its pretty sad, but there are so many dogs here that people are pretty mean to, that they are scared when we walk past them at times.
I almost want to carry around dog treats, there are seriously so many of them. But my scriptures alone already weigh enough carrying them around all day! Ha Ha
       I also have been working on translating a talk into spanish this week during my language study. Its "The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood" by Carlos E Asay, (Ensign.1985). Alfonso, who we reactivated last month, will now be teaching lessons in Elders Quorum.
When he told us, he already had his entire lesson plan for us to read over, and I suggested that he use this talk too. But I couldn't find it on in Spanish, which leads to me translating it for him. It has been fun, I am learning more and more in Spanish, and more and more of the Priesthood while translating the talk. I suggest all Priesthood holders read it as well =)

       This week we went on divisions (splits) with the Elders from Canticas.
Elder Plummer went to Canticas, and Elder Elvarez came with me in Paquital. We all stayed the night in the Canticas house though because Elder Plummer and I took the last bus over there at 9:00, and its too expensive to take taxi back, so Elder Alvarez and I left the next morning. It was very helpful to see other Elders' teaching methods and hear all of the ideas he had for our area. The division definitely helped both of our areas.

      Also, upon writing President Casteñeda last week, he replied with a short, sweet reply that was perfect for me. I've been trying to refocus myself in the work until I am 100% dedicated to my mission. He said, "Establezca el reino de Dios en su corazón y entonces tendrá el poder de establecerlo en todo lugar" Which means "Establish the kingdom of God in your heart, and then you will have the power to establish it in all places." How beautiful is it to know that our Heavenly Father loves us this much. That when we are willing and desire to do His work, He will bless us with the power and abilities to do so wherever we go. That He will give us the strength to conquer any hardship, as to we can feel the eternal joy and satisfaction that comes from doing good. I know I am not perfect in any way, that I have a lot of work to do. But I know that my Heavenly Father will bless me with the strength and power I need right now to become this person, if only I try, if I put my heart and everything I have in His hands. I pray that we all can arrive to the point in which we will give anything and everything to the Lord, to His work, and trust in Him 100percent. I love you all. Don't you ever forget.

       "Si guardamos la fe en el Gran Dios, nos veremos aùn màs allà."
Love, Elder Knight