Monday, July 4, 2011

Mi querido familia,

       Another great week here in Minatitlan! It has been raining alot the last couple of days. Its pretty cool, it doesn't rain too much, but it cools down to about 85'F sometimes. Feels so good to sleep without sweating all night haha. Although there have been a few days where it rained all day, and we were just soaked walking from appointment to appointment. But fortunately my shoes are still holding up, although I'm not exactly sure how, but my feet were mostly dry both days! And the thunder and lightning always comes with the rain, its pretty cool too. But kind of slows us down in talking to people on the streets because nobody wants to stand outside in the rain.
Nevertheless, I'm happy and enjoying every second here, even in the rain!
       I hope you are all doing fine in the United States. Whoa! Happy 4th of July! I almost forgot! We're obviously not celebrating it down here, except for Elder Plummer and I. We're still working on how though haha. Sounds like Grandma and Grandpas' house in Ohio is beautiful! Although they can make anything beautiful, it must be pretty sweet with all those birds and wildlife there. We have alot of wild dogs here, they scare the crap out of Elder Plummer sometimes, but I don't think any of them will bite us. One of them was being kind of aggressive the other day, and I just kept walking thinking it was smelling my foot. Elder Plummer said it was trying to bite me, and when I bent down to pick up a rock to scare it away it immediately ran away. Its pretty sad, but there are so many dogs here that people are pretty mean to, that they are scared when we walk past them at times.
I almost want to carry around dog treats, there are seriously so many of them. But my scriptures alone already weigh enough carrying them around all day! Ha Ha
       I also have been working on translating a talk into spanish this week during my language study. Its "The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood" by Carlos E Asay, (Ensign.1985). Alfonso, who we reactivated last month, will now be teaching lessons in Elders Quorum.
When he told us, he already had his entire lesson plan for us to read over, and I suggested that he use this talk too. But I couldn't find it on in Spanish, which leads to me translating it for him. It has been fun, I am learning more and more in Spanish, and more and more of the Priesthood while translating the talk. I suggest all Priesthood holders read it as well =)

       This week we went on divisions (splits) with the Elders from Canticas.
Elder Plummer went to Canticas, and Elder Elvarez came with me in Paquital. We all stayed the night in the Canticas house though because Elder Plummer and I took the last bus over there at 9:00, and its too expensive to take taxi back, so Elder Alvarez and I left the next morning. It was very helpful to see other Elders' teaching methods and hear all of the ideas he had for our area. The division definitely helped both of our areas.

      Also, upon writing President Casteñeda last week, he replied with a short, sweet reply that was perfect for me. I've been trying to refocus myself in the work until I am 100% dedicated to my mission. He said, "Establezca el reino de Dios en su corazón y entonces tendrá el poder de establecerlo en todo lugar" Which means "Establish the kingdom of God in your heart, and then you will have the power to establish it in all places." How beautiful is it to know that our Heavenly Father loves us this much. That when we are willing and desire to do His work, He will bless us with the power and abilities to do so wherever we go. That He will give us the strength to conquer any hardship, as to we can feel the eternal joy and satisfaction that comes from doing good. I know I am not perfect in any way, that I have a lot of work to do. But I know that my Heavenly Father will bless me with the strength and power I need right now to become this person, if only I try, if I put my heart and everything I have in His hands. I pray that we all can arrive to the point in which we will give anything and everything to the Lord, to His work, and trust in Him 100percent. I love you all. Don't you ever forget.

       "Si guardamos la fe en el Gran Dios, nos veremos aùn màs allà."
Love, Elder Knight

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