Monday, July 2, 2012

...tough week here in Cuichapa...

Mi querida familia,

Man, a tough week here in Cuichapa...
To say the least, we are trying everything posible to help the branch grow. I feel lost at times, like I've tried everything posible already in this area, and nothing seems to function as it should. but I dont let it show. Elder Williams gets down sometimes, I often have to motivate him to keep working or smile and be happy. He talks negative sometimes, and I just ignore him. I understand him though, because we work so hard, but aren't seeing the results that we would like. But with faith and hope, I know that we are making a difference in something. Horacio and his mom made a raffle for the suitcase, and got 600 pesos, so that Horacio can go to EFY and we can use the rest for ward activities.

We did an exposition in the park on saturday, talked with over 100 people, invited them all to church. Lots of rejection, 2 addresses, and one guy who came to church yesterday. I'm not complaining, if I do 200 contacts and only find one person who is chosen, I will be content and happy. Out of all the people we invited to church, one came. Boom: Miracle.
I was reading Alma 31 this week, and I feel alot like Alma sometimes. Like I want to do everything possible to help these people, but they don't let in. They don't want to change, or make commitments, even when they can be so blessed for obeying the commandments of God. I pray that we can find the success we are looking for. Miracles happen.
At then end of the chapter, the words say something like, "And this came to pass according to the prayer of Alma, because he prayed with faith."
I'm looking for how I can pray with more faith, one being always trying my best to work for the blessings I ask for. And helping the ward members to do the same. Often we ask for the poor that they can eat, or that the homeless may find shelter, but what are we doing to give food to them, or shelter them ourselves? We ask that the missionaries find the people who are ready, or that the people accept them in their homes, but what do we do to help the missionaries find those people? Or how to we motivate people to accept the missionaries in their homes? Something to think about... I love you all, so proud of your faith and acts of service. May our Father in Heaven bless you in all that you ask Him.
Love, Elder Knight

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