Monday, July 30, 2012

Mis queridos papás y hermanas,
From what I hear, sounds like everything is going smoothly at home. Tell Reagan and Caitlynn to check their emails. Felicidades a Zack! Going to Chile, I've got a few Carmen bros there. Maybe he'll find them, who knows. Congrats to Jeff, my man, for getting into BYU. I always knew you were smart. And thanks for the letter, I DO plan on writing you back soon. Although I have not written almost any letters in my mission (having half of them always get returned for who knows what reason). Kristian, congrats on your new surfboard! I can't wait to go out soon again, and you can show me up with everything you've learned. And I can show you up with everything I've spiriutally learned. Hahaha. I will try writing you guys again soon, see if it gets to you this time. I sent an envelope with letters to all the guys, but it came back. Maybe what I wrote wasn't right, I'll write something else haha. And many congrats to Mimi, I am SO proud of you, you are a hero of mine. I still have my first bon-ice wrapper (which I bought with the pesos you gave me before I left haha). I was going to send it home in a package, but then I didn't have money =( so I left the box of stuff with a member in Ciuchapa who will store it until someday we return. Then you will have your bonice wrapper. =D (and some bonice! maybe! woohoo!)

Well I am here in Emiliano Zapata, Tabasco. With Elder Callejas. Speaks perfect english, its way funny, but we always talk in spanish because its better that way. It's cool to be with him, because he has almost the same time in the mission as I do, and because we both work really hard it makes everything turn out a lot better and easier in the long run. We're helping the zone so that everyone can start baptizing again, because its going down right now...

We just had two baptisms this weekend in our area. One with Christhel, who the missionaries were preparing before I got here. And the other in Playa Larga (a small little pueblo in our area), Manuel, who the missionaries were teaching a little bit but didn't have plans to baptize him. But when we went to playa larga last week we talked with him and he had the desire to be baptized. He got confirmed yesterday, in the little family unit located in Playa Larga (like 30 people who meet up in a house there so they don't have to travel all the way to Zapata). And he volunteered to give a talk in 2 weeks. Haha he is so great. I'll try and see if I can post some pictures for you to see them (see below-thanks dad). It was a great baptismal service, although a bit hectic with the whole boat situation to cross the river. 

Anyways.... There are always people prepared to hear the gospel, the Lord has called us to go out and find them. "Behold the field is white, and ready for the harvest" There are so many people ready to accept the gospel, they just need to find it or we need to find them. Sometimes the missionaries find them, but alot of times its the regular members of the church who need to find them! I honestly can't remember who said it, but an apostle or 70 said something among these lines: Our missionaries are trained to be the best of teachers, to teach with the Spirit and help the people reach true conversion through the power of the Spirit. But the sad news is that they often waste the time that they can be teaching these people, because they have to spend so much time looking for them. If we as members can learn how to find these people ourselves, the work will move a lot faster, and the Spirit will work more abundantly in our lives to guide us to the rest of our Heavenly Father's precious children.
I love you all. "Do work"

Love, Elder Knight

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