Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week 2 letter from the MTC

¡Hola mi familia!

The MTC is great!  Wednesday came around and my district and I were all celebrating because
we had made it the first week, and especially because we are not the youngest anymore!  Haha
I am learning so much every day.  The MTC is definitely the one place where I have been able to feel the Spirit constantly throughout the day.  I have a solid district and we’re all going to Mexico except for Elders Bahr and Martin who are going to Lima, Peru.  They’re actually only with us for 2 more weeks and then they’re off to the Peru Training Center!  We’re all hoping that they don’t go though because they’re both incredible elders.  In fact, Elder Bahr is the oldest out of all of us so we can him “Papa” ha ha

Elder Watts just mentioned food, it’s not bad.  But you can definitely get tired of it – quickly.  Everyone is asking their families to send junk food, but we’re actually okay.  We actually have too much baked goods now!  Elders are always walking around the halls after we get back to our rooms trying to get rid of their baked goods.  Elder Clark even got an entire tray of brownies today.  It’s crazy how much food we have in our drawers.  Except for candy (hint hint) ha ha

Anyway, this week really has been incredible.  Elder Clark and I taught the first lesson in the TRC yesterday and it went great!  The investigator left our teacher with nothing but good feelings =]  Apparently she comes and volunteers all the time, like Kim was telling me she does too.  It is so exciting sharing the gospel with others!  I look back at everyone I knew before I left and I feel so much regret for having NOT shared this beautiful gospel that we all cherish so much.  How selfish am I?!  Elder Clark and I also taught a lesson to our teacher Hermano Loaiza who is an incredible man.  He just got back from his mission in June and he served in the Villahermosa area as well!  He started talking to us about Tabasco and I got so excited!  Anyway, so he played as an investigator to let us teach him.  It is so funny because the investigator he plays is named Alberto.  Whenever he is not Alberto, he acts as if he has never met him in his life.  We try to ask him questions about how we did and he’s like “How would I know? I wasn’t there.”  It is so funny.  Elder Watts shouted “What did you do with Alberto?”  I love these men in my district.

 While Elder Clark and I were teaching “Alberto” we had to teach him in Spanish because he didn’t know a word of English.  Honestly, Elder Clark and I were scared for our lives before going into that lesson because Alberto didn’t understand English.  We made sure we prayed before we went in.  When we started the lesson Elder Clark got kind of nervous and we ended up saying everything we knew how to say in the first 10 minutes of the 20 minute lesson.  We were teaching him about God’s love for us and for families.  And that He loves us so much he has created this plan for us to return to him again and be with our families forever.  And we taught him how to pray in Spanish too.

After Elder Clark finished talking about God’s love he looked at me and I knew he was out of Spanish…ha ha.  So, 10 minutes to go…I taught Alberto the steps of prayer and began to share my testimony with him.  I didn’t even notice the time but turns out I was talking with Alberto for 20 minutes AFTER that about love, prayer, and my testimony.  I don’t even know where it came from…well I do.  The Spirit was directing our lesson and made it possible for me to talk with Alberto that he may receive the knowledge that he needed, that he might come unto Christ.  It was a tremendous testimony builder of how the Spirit can really guide us.  We simply just have to follow it.

Okay, I have only 2 minutes left to write.  But we went to the temple this morning and it was great!  I was just sitting in the Celestial room after the session and I had the strongest feeling of comfort I have ever had before.  I know this church is true.  I know that our Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to come back to him.  I want to especially make sure that my sisters know this is how I feel.  I love this gospel!

Keep writing me too- handwritten letters are great but letters from Dear Elder are awesome too!  I love everyone! 

Elder Knight

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