Friday, March 4, 2011

3/4/2011 Letter

Hello everyone!

The MTC is still great! Although I'm already anticipating leaving for Mexico! One of our teachers, Hermano Loaiza, was talking to us about Villahermosa again and I got sooo excited! But who knows when that day will come, we've been hearing a lot of rumors about visas taking longer than expected. But it could be different for me, who knows, right?! Two of the Elders in my district, Elders Martin and Bahr, are serving in Lima, Peru. They are only scheduled to stay here for 3 weeks and then leave for the Peru MTC. They even got their travel plans last week, but they're waiting on their visas. If they don't get their visas by Monday, they're going to be staying for a bit longer. Elder Bahr was telling us to pray for him that his visa comes. But I've secretly been praying for it not to haha. Elder Martin and Elder Bahr are such great Elders. I would hate to see them leave! It's going to be sad when they do, they're like my brothers now already.

This week has been so crazy! There really is no free time! It's great and a tad frustrating at the same time. Elder Clark and I are trying to read through the Book of Mormon while we're here in the MTC, and el Libro de Mormon if we have the time. But it's not looking so good ha. It seems that the most time we can find each day is only an hour or so. Every other minute of the day is planned for class, companion study, group meetings, devotionals, firesides, gym, sleep. It's crazy, but I'm still enjoying every second of it. Elder Clark and I had a companion inventory last night where we settle any differences or problems between us. It took like 3 minutes, and then we had 22 minutes left to read our scriptures haha. I am so blessed to have a companion who we work so perfectly together. He pointed out that he doesn't really care about details, where I am sort of particular, and how we balance each other out very well. We even taught another lesson in the TRC this week. It was so funny! The guy we taught was an older man who we came to find out had served 4 missions already! While we were teaching him the first lesson, he broke our of character, an investigator, so many times to try and correct us. It was a different experience than what we were used to, because we didn't know what was going on. He would be an investigator but then he'd start talking about the gospel in ways that no investigator could proabably know. So we were confused as to whether he was still an investigator, or if he broke out of character. Hermano Catt interviewed him afterwards to get feedback on how we can teach the investigator better. He was looking to see how the man felt as the investigator, how the Spirit felt. But he kept on giving doctrinal feedback to our Hermano Catt. Hermano Catt later told us to forget about the experience because he broke out of character too much, it was funny. He got really frustrated trying to get feedback from the older man I suppose. But he is an outstanding teacher, I love him so much.

I also saw Johnny today! We were walking to the temple, about to cross the street and a scooter came right up to us. Took me a second to see who it was, but then I stepped off to give him a hug. I love Johnny. It is so great to see a familiar face! The other day I was really tired and feeling a bit down while walking from class to the main building. I saw Riley and nearly knocked him down to say hi to him! I instantly turned myself around and decided to feel better. The MTC is such a great place to be.

Brother Gubler is the first counselor in our Branch Presidency, and he is a gospel knowledge STUD. He is by far the smartest man I know when it comes to the scriptures. Straight up genius. Anyways, he spoke in our Priesthood on Sunday about the PreMortal life. It was incredible. He had us all read our patriarchal blessings before the meeting to get it fresh in our minds. He explained to us how we are the noble and great ones spoken of in the book of Abraham. How we were soldiers in that great fight for righteousness in that war in Heaven. How not everyone up there knew exactly whether they wanted to follow our Father or Satan. There were some in the middle of the fight, in what Bro Gubler described as the No Man's Land between the two. And we were the ones running out to those souls, trying our hardest to remind those of our Father's plan and Christ's love for us. How great of a plan He has created for us to return back to Him after our Earthly life. Not that I didn't love priesthood meetings at home, but it was spectacular.

Also the other day, our district decided to be in the MTC Choir during the Tuesday devotional. I can't really remember what the talk was about, because I was so caught up in other thoughts, but it was mostly about fighting our way through the turbulance of your missions. Anyways, I was sitting talking with Elder Clark before theChoir practice, and I could hear some other elders talking behind us. I could hardly focus on what Elder Clark was saying, bless him. But as the Sister missionaries were all walking down the bleachers to take their seats, these Elders seemed to be rating some of them. This caught me in fumes. I ignored it for awhile but it just kept hitting me. And then instantly I had a feeling like as if one of those Sister missionaries was Haley or Caitlynn or Chelsea or Reagan. That's where it hit me. I fought up the courage to turn around and see who these Elders were. As soon as I turned around I saw 4 of them looking at me puzzled, a bit prideful in their eyes. I said to them that they are not to be speaking of the sister missionaries like that. That if they are looking at them in any other way other than one of their own sisters, than they were looking wrong. One of them simply said, "Sorry we're working on it" to get me to stop. I turned back around and my heart was pounding. Elder Clark said Dang, you really told those Elders haha.

After the fireside one of those Elders grabbed me by the shoulder and gave me a card. It simply said "Thank you" signed with his name. He then apologized and told me how much he appreciated what I had done. It was such a great experience. I see him all the time now and we say hi.

Anyways, 20 seconds left on the clock. I love you all! Thank you for the letters!


Elder Trevor Knight 

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