Friday, March 18, 2011

My Family!

My family!

       Another week has gone by, and I can confidently say I still love the MTC! =) Teaching is definitely one of my favorite things! I mean, everyone who I have taught so far is already a member. But when they hear the gospel as an investigator, I can see the spark in their eyes. I can feel their genuine interest to learn more about the gospel. And I have the wonderful pleasure of being the one to teach them about it, this beautiful gospel of our brother, Jesus Christ. How much better can life get?
       I am so blessed to have such a great district. I know that Heavenly Father knows all of us, and put us here together for a reason. They are all such great examples to me in so many ways. I mean, none of us are perfect, but we are all truly striving to do the very best we can. Elder Bahr and Elder Martin are still here! Not so great for Elder Bahr, Elder Martin is fine with it though. And great for me! I love them so much, like brothers already. Nobody likes teaching Elder Bahr in practice discussions because he always tries to be a tough investigator. But I was teaching him about how we can strengthen families yesterday and reading through scriptures with him, and it felt like I broke right through the character he was trying to be. And I know that it was because of the Spirit that was there in our discussion. It is usually pretty hard for me to role-play with our zone because I know they're all my friends, and its weird for me when they're acting like they don't know much. But when I tried to be serious last night and teach Elder Bahr with the Spirit, the Lord worked through me to help him understand what we were reading in the scriptures. He later told me that he, obviously, doesn't even have a family of his own yet, but he felt like he learned so much about how he needs to treat them when he does. It was a great experience.
       Elder Clark and I are going to try and teach in the TRC more often from now on. It is such a great place to practice teaching investigators discussions. I feel the Spirit more than ever while I'm teaching the gospel. And I know it's because I'm doing what our Heavenly Father wants me to do. To help others to come unto Jesus Christ. To help them find their way to return back to Him after this life. I know that the most effective way to get to an investigator is through loving them. I know this with all my heart. Whenever you teach in the TRC, you are given feedback from the 'investigator' after the lesson. And everytime Elder Clark and I teach in the TRC, they always tell us how much they felt our true love for them. And how because they felt that love, they desired to feel it, and they knew that the love they felt was that of Jesus Christ, who loves all of us. I know that love is a powerful tool in the conversion of a soul to come unto Christ. And when I say love, I mean the pure love of Christ. Pure. Whole. Neverending. I feel I have been so blessed in this life to witness this true love of Christ, not only for myself, but in the love Christ has for others. I have seen the love Christ has for all of us, and how great it is. You can just be looking at somebody for a minute or so, and thinking about what life is like for them. Who knows what they're going through? Who knows what problems they have? Whether you know or not, you need to be kind to them. Show them that love that our Savior showed you, by sacrificing himself for our salvation.As you do this, for me it was just a split second, you will see that great love that Christ has for them. And why not love them also? Don't even try to answer that question. We should love everyone. Show them that you love them, no matter who they are or what they do.  do this because it is the right thing to do. It is a commandment. It is a great service. It is what Jesus Christ would do.
       I hope all of you are doing great! I love your letters. I'd like to write everyone, so send me your addresses please! I'm praying for all of you each and every one of you every day. Please know that God loves you SO much. And He wants us all to come back to Him. ALL of us. So why not share this beautiful gospel with al you come in contact with? Share that great light you have inside of you. Do not be selfish. Give of yourself and the knowledge you have of our Savior. He will bless you, and those that you share it with, for eternity. I love you all, don't you ever forget. My favorite hymn of the week, again: "Be still my soul"

Elder Trevor Knight

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