Monday, May 21, 2012

Un milagro en Cuichapa

Mi querida familia,

Have I told you how much I love you. I know miracles happen every day. It makes me SOOOO happy to know that Mimi is getting better, I didn't even doubt that she would. Having known the Bolster family, they're not ones to give up, and the Lord knows that. We are blessed for our diligence and perseverance. 

I am also so happy for Caitlynn and Seth, have fun being married. I guess that's what everybody's doing these days haha, getting married. Whatever, I am having the time of my life here in the mission. There is really no other place I'd rather be. I am so happy and grateful for the church in my life. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve my Lord and God, even Jesus Christ, for the little time I may be able to. I was just thinking this morning that I would like NOT to go home hahaha. It really is amazing here. 

Oh, also, congratulations to Haley on catching your fish! That's rad. And congrats on taking out your endowments too! Even more rad! Way to go Danny on scoring the job in Utah, have fun up there! Are you going to live with Bud? Man I miss that guy too, tell him I said hi, he's way rad too. Haha ..rad.. I love you Reagan, you're rad.. Love you Mom and Dad, you are SOO rad.. Keep it going Rad family...

Anyways, this week has been all over the place. Mission movie I swear. So Elder Williams and I are here in Cuichapa. I've got about 5 months under my belt here, and he's got 3 weeks coming up. Well, his first two weeks were pretty tough. Walked into a wall with the whole mission thing. We teach, we pray, we sing hymns, we contact, we serve, we obey, we study, we do just about everything we can think of. And with all of it, well not much fruit growing lately. Little did I know that we were growing vegetables! (Don't know where that came from) But its likewe've been working and all we see as a result is a little fig coming out of the ground. No fruit, maybe a few leaves, but nothing solid showing. But I just figured out that the fruit is growing UNDER the dirt. (Wow, this whole metaphor thing is weirding me out too) (But anyways..) So about 2 months ago Elder Rodríguez and I contacted this lady in the 18 de Marzo (a neigborhood, not a date). She told us she lived in the Agraria (neighborhood), so we went to visit her (twice) and she was never home, so we gave up. Then, we saw her again, like 4 weeks later in the Comercial (other neighborhood) and she invited us over again. But when we went she wasn't there. So we began to think, okay, she's nice to our face but she probably doesn't even want to hear from us. So we gave up again.

AND THEN, take note I have a new companion, Elder Williams. And I'm trying to teach him to talk to EVERYONE he sees. SO I see her and think, "Man, I already contacted her like 2 times now.." But passing by her I literally felt something telling me to talk to her. So I turned around and said "Hermana!"(Sister!) and she was like ,"¿que pasó?"(What's happening?). And I thought of an excuse, and said, "I want to introduce you to my new companion." And then I asked her name, because I had forgotten it (woops), and she was like "I've already told you twice." And I explained that we had tried to visit her a few times but we never found her home. So she invited us over again, and she was there! And she was so ready to listen to us. We talked about our families, taught her how to pray right, and gave her the Proclamation to the world, and she was so up for everything. So we set up another appointment to go back and I felt SO GREAT.

Now, next appointment, we walk towards her house and she is outside with two kids watching something. We then see around a corner a big group of people and some drunk guys are fighting it up. Pretty gnarly stuff alright, but normal here in Cuichap-chap. So I saw her 6 year old daughter, Wendy, and said, "We'd better go inside and chat a bit.  We don't need to be watching this kind of stuff." And then Whoa, we walk in and I see a familiar face. Williams, an 11 year old kid, who lives in another nieghborhood, whose grandma we taught, and also his aunt on two seperate occasions. So I see him and I'm like "Williams, what are you doing here?" And Jael was like, "You know him?" And I said heck yeah that we grew up together, and she laughed and said, "He's my son." And I was like "WHAAAAAAAAAAAT????!!!" No way José. Wow, that just changes everything. So we talked with them a bit, and laughed alot about how I already know practically all of her family, including her husband who works 20/10 (to say he works far away 20 days, and comes back for only 10, then goes back to work 20 days again, and so on.) So it was way cool. She is way cool, and way chosen to receive the gospel. I just pray that nothing gets in her way of finding the truth. Her family needs the gospel in their lives, and are so ready for it. She came to church yesterday, and said that she's going to come next week. And that when her husband comes back, she's going to bring him with her too. I cannot wait for these coming weeks.

Time up. I love you all. I know that miracles happen when we are diligent in keeping the commandments.

"Obedience brings blessings. EXACT Obedience (or Sanctification) brings MIRACLES."
"Therefore, what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you, even as I am." (3 Nephi 27:27)

With love, Elder Knight

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