Monday, September 17, 2012

1 Nephi 10:6

Mi querida familia,
     I tell you every week that its been a good one, don't I? I feel like every day here is just amazing, even when there are problems or tal vez (perhaps) things don't happen exactly how we want them to, we can't avoid seeing miracles every day.

Sounds like you guys too. So what are you driving now, Mom? That's gotta be weird having a different car, you had that Enclave for sooo long. I just love our family, I hope Caitlynn and Seth are doing great too, I worry about you all sometimes. But I know that our Heavenly Father is always watching over us. Haley, you just do what you know is right, Christ will never let us fall alone while we are following Him. Literally, when we follow Him, we obviously are always going to be with Him (or Him with us). It's inevitable. He loves us with an infinite love, which has NO limits. He expects every single one of us to do His will. Even when we don't know exactly what it is, we can follow the promptings provided by the Holy Ghost which are purely concentrated to just direct us to Him. When you follow His promptings, you cannot go wrong. Take the step, and have faith to continue. Reagan, you can do the same! Just follow what you know is right, always. You will not go wrong. You know what is right, because we have two incredible parents who have raised us in much wisdom. Speaking of Reagan, I was talking with the young men yesterday during the 3rd hour of church because their leader couldn't come to church. We talked about leaving the electronics (cell phones and computer) to strengthen our relationships with our family. I felt so grateful that I have such a great relationship with all of you. I shared the story of how I just loved going on midnight fast food runs with you all the time. Those are times I really treasure and remember enjoying with my sister. Its such a marvelous thought how little things can make such big impacts on our lives. I miss all my sisters so much. And my parents, my best examples.

     One thing I have especially learned this week is the power in sacrifice and pure dedication. I have never felt so tired yet so alive and satisfied than these last few days. Elder Marchant and I found one of our investigators drunk last Sunday, and it just broke my heart to see it. The Father of such a great family, not to mention such a great man. Satan really can turn the greatest men to make mistakes. We do not judge the people ever, I just feel so much love towards him, Marco, that we worry about him alot. We have seen the problems that alcohol brings into his life and the life of his family. It literally destroys families. It is one of the adversary's greatest and strongest instruments to destroy families these days. Because it is literally everywhere. "Everyone drinks; just a little doesn't do anything; Its only bad if you don't know how to control yourself; It helps me forget my problems; It would be rude to deny the invitation from a friend" Ahhh so many DUMB excuses to sin. Alcohol will destroy every particle of your life and your family, I promise you. Do not give into temptation, nobody can try to justify sinning. You just can't do it. 
     Anyways, after seeing him, we past by his home that next day. He was ashamed, sad, and knew that it was destroying his family. But we taught them clearly that day in this home that it would continue destroying their family if they didn't stop it. We then made goals with them. Especially with Marco. That he would pray every day before going to work, and every night before going to sleep. He leaves for work at 6:00 in the morning, because he's a mason. We wanted him to know that we weren't just saying things, and that this was the truth. When we pray, we receive power to resist temptations. We promised to help him. The next day we woke up early, and ran to his house to catch him before he went off to work, and we found him in the front room of his home with the Book of Mormon open, and him kneeling down praying. It made my heart jump! We talked with him like 2 minutes, and kneeled down again to say another prayer with him. And we've been doing so every day since. We even walked over Sunday morning to pray with him early in the morning too. Elder Marchant and I feel so tired sometimes, but then we just keep pushing forward and working, and the tiredness just goes away. Then we sleep, wake up the next morning and do it all over again. We went to Palenque and Tenosique the other day and it was soo hard, we were so tired in the combi. I totally fell asleep and almost fell over (Elder Marchant was just going to let me fall over too haha, I saw him just staring at me laughing haha) It was great.

It has really made me understand how much prayer can help us in our everyday lives. Marco used to drink daily, stopped drinking on weekdays 4 weeks ago, and hasn't drinken at all for a week. His prayers are so sincere when we pray with him too. He is so humble, and aware of what he needs to change in his life. He loves his family, and his family is so supportive, and so happy. Seeing them all in church this sunday together was so great! This whole week we have just been relying upon Christ to become better missionaries and see more miracles in our area. He is the only one who can provide such power in our lives to change ourselves, if we only permit Him to do so. With our faith and daily repentance, changing ourselves to becomes better persons through His Atonement. I found a perfect quote this morning in the hermana Atilana's house. Its by Hyrum L. Andrus (don't know him): "Man cannot be induced to reach up and acquire the goodness of God unless he realizes that in mortality he is in a fallen state and that he must rely upon Christ for mercy, truth, and power." If we are humble and recognize our faults, if we recognize that only Christ can help us, then we must depend on Him to help us make the changes necessary.

Sorry to get preachy, I just love sharing what I have learned this week. You are all amazing. I am growing so much here. Never thought so before. I just want to stay on the mission forever, but I know my time is running out. I will work the hardest I can, every force in my body should be gone, they're going to have to bring me back home in an ambulance. =) That would be okay with me. I'm not finishing the race walking, even if I have cramps, I'm running anyways... NI MODO (no way)

Con amor (with love), Elder Knight

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