Monday, September 10, 2012

-with a kid who didn't want to smile in a picture with me this week, but he warmed up to me and smiled

Mi querida familia,
Have I told you how much I just love sharing the gospel with all the people?
This week has been great. We had Zone Leader Council, divisions in Gaviotas, changes with Elder Marchant, Seminary trips again,
Lots of fun stuff. Quite the adventure I must say.
Even when things don't go how we would always like them to, we must know that the Lord is taking charge of everything
Whatever happens is obviously His will. And we don't necesarily need to fix everything that goes wrong, but more so find the way to go on.
Work with what life throws us. Certainly it is like Nefi says in 2 Nefi 2:24
"For behold, all things have been done according to the knowledge of Him who knows all things"
(I think thats what it says, I just translated it, maybe it'd be better look it up in the scriptures and rewrite it...)
Always know, God is at work in our lives. Everything that happens to us, He made it happen
And we must recognize that everything He does is for our good! So we must seriously look for the good in everything.
I love you all so much, try this week to look for the good in EVERYTHING
You will be so surprised with how much better you week goes when you just accept everything as the Lord makes it.

Elder Knight

-with Elder Garcia, he's a missionary in Gaviotas

-with the family we ate with, I guess they're like famous en Gaviotas with all the missionaries or something

-And a better picture of that church in Balancan haha

-Cool picture my companion took of me...I like the rusted fence- artistic don't you think?

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