Monday, October 8, 2012

Mi querida familia,

     What a crazy week. We were hardly in our area, from Villlahermosa, to Triunfo, to Balancan. Its been quite the ride. I am not as big a fan of traveling as I was earlier in the mission, thats for sure. In the Zone Leader Council we celebrated the end of the 6 week plan previously set, and President gave the honor of cutting the cake to the zone with the best results of September (along with the Sisters, because ..well.. they're the sisters). Elder Marchant was so stoked he grabbed the knife and just about cut himself ha ha. It felt good, but awkward, because I haven't really been a big fan of being in the spotlight in the mission. We work for the Lord.

     And YES, the general conference was AMAZING! I did get to watch it, in English by the way. We asked the tech guy who came last week from Villa to set up a channel in English for us. He did, and we watched it in another room on the tv. Everyone else watched it in the sacrament room, with a projector. We walked into the sacrament room during every song to see how many investigators were there and count the attendance. It was an incredible experience. We had a table set up on which we could take lots of notes, and white board markers to write inspiration of what we can do in the district and the zone. At end, it was an incredible experience, but we have ALOT of things to do (especially this week) to be able to apply all of the revelation we received. It is great how God allows us to receive and understand His will. When His servants don't even say it, we start to feel His spirit and the thoughts come into our minds and hearts confirming the truth of the revelation we receive. I know He lives, and that He wants the best, and nothing less, from His children here on earth. As members of this holy church, we all have the duty to sacrifice ourselves for Him. Consecrate ourselves, our time, talents, and means to Him(aka: His church and other children in the world). I am so grateful for this privilege of serving THIS mission for Him. I know that He is blessing me more than I am blessing Him. There is so much that I have been able to see, and experience, and learn. I have never had so much love towards a people before, I think. I treasure every moment I have with these wonderful brothers and sisters of mine, they teach me so much. I can honestly say I had never seen such great examples of consecration before, than I have with some of the leaders I have met in my little time here. They are examples to me, and I know the Lord blesses them because of their faithfulness. They are always in my prayers. I thank my Heavenly Father for them.
     After the conference, I was filled with so much love, and positive ideas to help. Also with alot of worry, of possible problems here, as well as at home. I know that our Savior Jesus Christ has called these latter-day prophets to guide us, and warn us in these troubled times. I am grateful for their lives lived and worthiness to be such great instruments in God's hands, for me, in this world.
My hope is that, by reflecting upon these words spoken by the prophets, as well as mine, we can learn to apply them to our lives. We can be more converted to Him, our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ. The words often come to my mind, "Believe in Christ, and Believe Him." This means not only believe that He lives, that He is our God, but to also believe in His words and obey them with exactness. "We should know this gospel is true, and be true to the gospel."

     I invite everyone to take a step back in your life. First, look at all of the blessings that you have received (as invited by President Monson). Second, look at everything you have done. Good and bad, and repent for those things and actions of which you wish not to carry with you. And look at what you are doing right now, everything you are doing or participating in, and meditate upon where it will take you. "What you do, where you go, and what you see...are what you will become." I hope we can all put many goals for ourselves to become what our Heavenly Father intended for us to become. Moreso, reach the potential that He has raised for us, by recognizing our spiritual gifts and USING them to bless others. It is true, lifelong service (without rest, "downtime", excuses, or "failure") is an obvious attribute of every disciple of Christ. It is what we should give, lifelong service that is, to really be true to our baptismal covenant with Him. In everything we do, we can ask ourselves, "Am I doing this for the Savior? ...or am I really doing it for me?" In every action we do, we need to be loyal to God. Loyalty is the crowning characteristic of true love. If we really LOVE Him, we would be completely LOYAL to Him. So that, in that final day, on the judgement day, He can look us into the eyes and ask us, "Did  you  love  me?" ...if we did, then we made sure that we remained clean from this generation, and followed His example by serving our brethren here on the earth. By being true disciples, feeding His sheep, loving one another, working tirelessly in His church(which is true). We will never look back until the work is finished. Until we have then BECOME what He intended for us to be. Until we have finally learned how to keep ALL of His commandments, and be wise enough to not cross them. I know that as we do so, His spirit will be upon us to lift us up and inspire us in this marvelous journey of which we are on in this life. I love you all, especially to those of you who are preparing to serve Him with me. Prepare thy selves, and sanctify thy selves TODAY. There is no greater battle awaiting you, other than the adversary in the mission field, and you must be ready to fight with all your heart, all your might, mind, and strength. This is real. This is the kingdom of God upon the face of the earth. If we are but true to Him, He will stay true to us..

I repeat unto you His own words, crying out: "Arise and gird up your loins, take up your cross, follow me, and feed my sheep."
     Come, all ye who are willing.

With love,

Elder Knight

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