Monday, January 28, 2013

Conference with Elder Nelson

Mi querida familia,

This week has been crazy amazing! So much going on, and so much work, but soooo worth it without doubt!
For starters, Mosiah, an awesome young man in our ward, got his mission call last week! He's going to San Jorge, Utah! (St. George, my friends). He enters in the MTC on April 2nd, and is sooo stoked on life. He went to the Benemerito (its like the high school version of byu here in Mexico) and learned how to be a missionary, how to speak English, and how to just be awesome. He will be an excellent missionary. This week he got pretty sick of a stomach infection, but got better towards the weekend.
Friday our leaders didn't have much planned for the conference on Sunday, so we decided to do divisions and take care of it ourselves. Elder Randolph went with Victor on one side of the area to secure members' seats on the bus, while Mosiah and I were on the other side of town all day doing the same with the rest of the members and investigators. I couldn't believe it, Mosiah was still feeling a bit sick, but came with us (we needed his help sooo bad) and was walking around with me all day all over town without complaining or anything. He is great, and very knowledgeable about the gospel too. He's the seminary teacher right now.

And the conference went super well! Friday, as I mentioned, we pretty much just took control over the whole transportation scene, for lack of planning from our branch leaders, it was pretty upsetting. But with the help of Mosiah and Victor we got a lot done. We had to do everything possible all on Friday, because Saturday we had to be in the city of Villa already to hear Elder Nelson speak to the missionaries. Well we got it all done. And then Saturday night we came all the way back to Zapata, just to make sure everything went smoothly in the buses Sunday morning. We got to the chapel at 3 o'clock in the morning, and started calling EVERYONE to make sure they had already woken up, or were on their way. Some members showed up in cars, and we sent them back out to pick up those people who hadn't showed up yet hahaha. It all worked out fine, we filled the two buses we rented to the max! We even had to put primary chairs in the aisles of the bus for extra people to sit because it was just so full (try getting away with that in America!). I was one of them haha. We filled the two buses with 112 people, 6 being investigators who are way awesome. I'm so glad they all could come.
We got to Villa at about 8 o'clock and saved our seats for the conference to start at 10:00. I saw some of the members from my ward in Carmen!!! First I saw Karen, Alexis (Elder Cardenas's) sister, and she was so stoked and told me that Alexis is doing great in the mission in Argentina. Then I saw Fredy and a whole bunch of others who were all so excited. They all rented a van just to come see the Apostle. It was so worth it too! Some of our members were already there, like Pres Zenteno and Pres Carpio(1st cons district president) with their famiies. So our total attendance, including the Playa Larga members (who left their homes at 1 o'clock in the morning to come with us on the buses), was 120 from the Zapata branch. It was excellent. When we told Pres Valencia, who knew that on Thursday night our branch presidency hadn't done much with the transportation or anything, he just lit up and was like NO WAY. It took alot of work, we were dead tired yesterday after the conference. But on the bus, since I was in a primary chair in the aisle in the back, I turned my seat around and the Playa Large members and I had a lesson, reviewing our notes from Elder Nelson's talk about the families. It was good to review it, and make sure it didn't just all fly by their heads. But then when we finished, everyone fell asleep the last hour of the ride home haha. Elder Randolph was in the other bus, and got a bunch of pictures of all the members sleeping.

As for the conference, it was amazing. Elder Nelson talked to the people about the things that a parent shuld teach their children. I will share the things with you later.... As for our work here, February looks like its going to be an amazing month for our branch. Lots of converts who are really converted! And more converted members too. I'm going out with a bang, thats for sure!
I love you all. Keep up the amazing work at home!
Elder Trevor Knight
P.S. I told Mosiah that I was going to pick him up from the airport in Utah when he goes to the MTC in provo en April, and I'm going to find him a place to stay. Soooo, don't plan anything important for the end of March, or beginning of April pleaseeee, unless its in Utah haha. Love you all! P.S.S. In what city do Chelsea and Danny live exactly? I'm so stoked to host Mosiah around Utah before he enters the MTC! His mom speaks English and wants to come too, they lived in New York for a while and are the closest thing to an American family here in Zapata haha. STOKED!!

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