Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A few weeks left down here in Mexico...

Mi querida familia,

This week, I feel like we have accomplished alot. Elder Randolph and I are working to help the zone remember the focus in converting, because it seems like a lot of elders are focusing on just reactivating. Its not bad, but uhhh we're not here to be home teachers. We are going to keep baptizing even though we work through the members and in-actives. Elder Randolph's and my work has been pulling through really well. We are seeing an increase in the branch, in the leadership's excitement to serve, and in AMAZING investigators that we have! Seriously, if we just focus on helping the people, God puts the ready people in our path. We were working with a bunch of the members a few weeks ago, and a member who we didn't even see that week brought her newly moved in neighbors to church that Sunday, Lorena and Mari, who have actually been taught by missionaries before! And they love the gospel. Mari is 10, but so stinkin' smart and creative. The other day she was taking egg shells and making little confetti-filled, or flour-filled, heads out of them by glueing a piece of china paper over the hole in the bottom of the egg shell. And then coloring with markers on it, and cutting more paper to make hair and bows for them. So cool, seriously. We have FHE (family home evening) with them tonight with Fabian's family. Should be good!

I have new shoes! We went to Candelaria all day Friday, and Elder Ruiz gave me a pair of shoes that a member offered him that didn't fit him well. They are doing well, and should last until March. They baptized this saturday, in the river by Candelaria. It was a great service, and we participated by singing a special musical number with 4 elders there.

Well, mom stop watching youtube missionary videos. And I'll see you in March. I just received my travel plans in my email, did you guys too? I think they got sent to Dad's email address.
Oh, and please tell Tanner and the Tenbergs THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Pres. Castañeda drove through our area after going to Triunfo yesterday, and called us asking where we were. He dropped us off a package he brought from Villa, one for Elder Randolph, and one for ME! I was so excited! Then I found out who it was from, and I was EVEN MORE excited! Thank you, you are the best. You know me SO well, thank you for sending me my RKT cereal, even 2 boxes! I can definitely HOARD at least one box, after sharing the other of course haha. Thanks Tanner for the letter, I am for sure looking forward to our good old midnight in-n-out runs as well, don't you worry pal.

Love you my family. By the way, on the way home from Candelaria on Friday, I was reading Jacob 5 while Elder Randolph was asleep next to me. Something about that bus-ride, apart from the dumb cobrador (conductor), made me love that chapter sooo much. I feel like I could understand it so well, like the Spirit was teaching me and directing me to all the right scriptures to help me understand it. Its a good read. Definitely suggested to all for a good 2 hour study session when you have the time to immerse yourself in it.
This week we're working on getting Jael and Julio married, then Jael will get baptized next week! Along with many more this month =) Prayers are very agradecidas. (Idk how to say it in english) (appreciated)
Con amor, Elder Knight

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