Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mi querida familia,
Les quiero mucho (I love you very much). Elder Johnson of the Area Presidency is coming this week. Getting ready to help the other missionaries, and somehow focus on our area at the same time. Its a never ending battle haha.
I'll write you next week. Feel comfortable with some fotos from this week. They are, after all, worth TWO thousand words together... =) One is from the bus coming back from Villa, were there was a bunch of indigenous people blocking the road back to Zapata, because of high electricity rates from the government.. We were sitting in a bus for like 7 hours, sooo lame. Elder Randolph bought fried banana chips. (bottom photo)

And another of the house we're helping Yinder and Magdalena build. Yinder is Suzana's son (she's pretty much a member not-baptized for marital reasons). Its made of wood boards. We re-cut the boards with machetes to make them all fit together more snug. Lots of service this week apart from that. I love it. Love the mission. Hate this keyboard because the H hardly works. The Y too sometimes. Whateverrrrrr. I hope you all have and awesome Single Awareness Day this week! =D     Don't forget to love those who don't usually get it.

Love, Elder Knight

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