Monday, September 12, 2011

Mi Familia

Mi Familia,

I do not have much time today (when do I ever, haha), but I will update you on everything I can think of =)

*Martha did not get baptized this week =( She disappeared the day before when she was going to have her interview, and we had to reschedule an appointment with Pres. Castañeda on Saturday for it. But now she is planning on being baptized this friday, the 16th, and we are preparing a beautiful baptismal service for her with the Relief Society here.

*I received your package yesterday! Thank you so much! The pants are great, and everyone enjoyed the candies. The duct tape is awesome too, we found some here, but it costs $200 pesos! I love my parents. And thank you Reagan for the Christmas card, I'm sorry I left it in the car hahaha. I can't tell you how grateful I am for the letters, and for your handouts from church haha! They really are all great! I've been using some of the handouts in my personal study. Also, I received some letters from Mom. They were postmarked from June =D hahaha The letters always take forever, but I've heard the packages take 2-3 weeks only. Don't worry about putting pictures of Christ on any mail. Presidente told us not to, and I know that he said it for a reason. Everything should get here safe.

*My companion, Elder Alvarado, and I are doing better this week. Its been a bit difficult because he thinks of ways that I can improve, and I can see when he finds them. But he doesn't tell me, and it frustrates me that he doesn't share what he thinks with me. But I'm trying to better ourselves. I was reading in Alma the other day, and shared a few scriptures with him. Alma 48:11-19 explains how great of a captain and leader Moroni was. How great work he did and how many souls he rescued because of his faith and valor. And then it says that Helaman and others didn't lead armies, but they preached the gospel valiantly also. And that in that way, they were just as great of men as Moroni was. They were doing different types of work, but are equally important. And I love to think that we don't have to be huge leaders and captains of armies like Moroni to do great things in the eyes of the Lord. But if we work valiantly in this calling that we have received, we will be equally effective in the salvation of souls. That right now I have to put all my faith in God, and be strictly obedient, and I will receive the blessings and see the miracles of our Heavenly Father in this great and marvelous work.
*I finally have a photo album! Thank you for it, every elder that has asked to see my photos has been super surprised when I say I don't have one. "What?! You don't have one? Every American Elder has like 400 photo albums!"

*Kenny, you should send over some of those roadtrip photos, if you've got some time. I miss that so much. Good times... Oh, especially that picture that looks like the first vision =D I will never forget

*I now have too many brothers serving missions, its crazy. And now sisters too! Congrats to Shelbi and Lindsey on your mission calls!!!!!!!

*It has rained SO much lately. There is a storm that came in or something. I don't know exactly because we don't watch TV or read newspapers. But a few people have told us that there's a bit more to come. The streets are always flooded for days after it rains here too because there aren't any sewer drains or anything. The water pretty much just sits there until the sun comes out to evaporate everything. My shoes are full of water at the end of almost every other day haha.

*We had district conference this weekend. It was awesome! President Castañeda came and spoke, Sister Castañeda and the counselors too. It was awesome!

*I'm forgetting how to speak English already. We took a taxi and I started to contact the driver last night. And he told me that its easier for him to speak English because he lived in the U.S. for 8 years. I kept on throwing spanish words and phrases in while we were talking. It was horrible..

*And I'm sleeping in a hammock now.

Well, I will send some pictures too, because I have batteries for my camera!! =D Awesome, I love you all so much. Take care everyone. I am so grateful for your words of inspiration and influences that you have all had in my lives. Seriously, I know I would not be here if it wasn't for all of my great friends, family, and family of friends. You are the best. Never forget that our Heavenly Father loves you. No matter what we do or what transgressions we make, there is nothing that can change how infinitely loving our Heavenly Father is for us. Never forget, you are loved.

With more love, Elder Knight

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