Saturday, December 24, 2011

Querido familia,
This week has been super great! I'm always learning alot here, I love it. Especially here in Carmen! Our branch is super great. And I love everyone here so much. The only sad thing is that I'm probably going to leave this next week. Which is a super bummer, especially since I feel like we have so much success here! Although I know that success in the mission does not depend on where you are, but in who you are. Elder Ibarra and I had a good week, Yamilet and Mari got baptized! Yamilet's family is almost complete baptismwise. Every member in their family is amazing, and so destined to follow the Lord. But its a matter of time with every one. Yair was baptized 2 weeks ago, Yamilet this last week, and Joaquina (their mom) plans on getting baptized this week. Speaking of which, she had to make such a big sacrifice to be baptized.
Last night, Elder Ibarra and I were on the way to Carlos and Rosa´s home, to share a message of marriage with them because they have a few problems in their relationship. On the way, we decided to stop by Joaquina's because she has a dvd player with a control(so we can select spanish on bilingual dvds), so that we could watch Together Forever with Carlos and Rosa. Upon arriving at her home, she opened the door with tears in her eyes, and a más o menos smile. She invited us in, and explained to us what happened. All I can say is that it was a big sacrifice she had to make before getting baptized. But after she had prayed and received confirmation from God that this is the true church of Jesus Christ on the earth, she knew that she had to do whatever it takes to be baptized and join her family. So we talked with her alot about the Atonement, and how we are never alone. How no matter what we do, the Lord is always willing to pull us out of trouble and help us to get back on his road. And no matter what it takes to get there, will be worth it because this road leads to eternal life. Eternal happiness in which we will like with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ once again, and we will be together with our families in God's kingdom forever. We then gave her a priesthood blessing and she told us she felt so tranquil and peaceful. I know that the priesthood is the power and authority of God here on the earth with the only purpose of blessing us when respected properly. I am so happy to be here, there really is on other place I would rather be than on this mission of the Lord.
I love you all so much, and look forward to speaking with you on Christmas! Never forget to remember not to forget to remember Jesus Christ in this season. And never forget the true meaning of everything we do in these days. Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate in this season, sacrificed his life to give us the greatest gift in the history of the world: Eternal Life. What will we give him as a sacrfice this Christmas? Jesus Christ himself said "And ye shall offer for a sacrifice unto me a broken heart and a contrite spirit." It is my prayer that we can all do so, and I share with you my love and testimony that He is the Christ, and He lives. That He will bless us as we come unto Him and prove our faith in Him and His word. In His holy name, even Jesus Christ, Amen.
Love, Elder Knight
P.s. Dad, I'm still on letter #2! I was going to share the story with Carlos last night, who has been postponing his baptism for almost 2 years. But it was when we ended up visiting Joaquina and giving her a priesthood blessing. I shared the story with her, because it touched on sacrifice and how much our Heavenly Father loves us. ..but she's not a tough investigator at all, she was prepared well before we found her.. I know its not 100% complete, but you're the judge, what say ye? =] ....Remember I love you!
P.s.s. Thank you so much, my long lost sister, for writing me! I absolutely LOVED hearing your experiences in the temple. I know they are really the house of the Lord. Speaking of which, I gave a talk yesterday (after the President notified me on saturday haha), and I chose to speak on temples. I know it just had to be inspired, because I didn't even think of it until Sunday morning, and felt so right. All of the members loved it. I shared the story of the Hawaii temple during the attack on Pearl Harbor, and I saw a few tears in the chapel. I love the temples, and cannot wait until I can enter again! Its so lame, because I thought on my mission I could go a lot to the temple, but still have yet to even see it... Well, patience is a virtue. I love you!
P.s.s.s. I love all you, my other sisters as well. And mom, who by the way is the best mom in the world. Never forget it. There is no question or doubt  that we have the best parents in the world. And that Heavenly Father must love us just a little bit more than all of His other children, because our parents are proof of this love. Haha, I love you all! ¡Feliz Navidad!

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