Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Half way through my mission.....It's going too fast!!

Mi amada familia,

This week has been a blast! I have learned so much, buy have no time to tell you everything. I worked in Coatzacoalcos this week with Elder Alvarez, we went "whitewashed" into the area, because we were waiting for an appointment for my visa and there weren't any other elders to do divisions with. So we just knocked doors and found people, writing down directions to pass to other missionaries, and teaching in every moment we could. We found so many miracles. I will have to count them to you someday!

Elder Andrade and I are still here in Cuichapa, things are going alot smoother than when I first got here. We've got 2 sure baptisms this week. Jessica and Dafne. And a maybe with Antonio, but we haven't been able to find him recently, and we need to take him to Coatza with us on wednesday to talk with president Castañeda. We'll see what happens!

Dad, I got your package! Goodness, there was a lot of snacks in it, I am so grateful for them, we're already running low on food this week haha, because we had to go to Villahermosa last minute this week and blowed $500 pesos in transport, and a whole day because it takes 6 hours to get there from Cuichapa, we're literally in the middle of nowhere.

Haley! I am SOOO excited for you! My number has changed, but I will send it to you next week, I PROMISE! Caitlynn, have patience with Mom while she's helping you plan your wedding, I remember how crazy it was when we were planning for Chelsea's. CRAZINESS! Patience is a virtue... Reagan, I love you so much, I got your little note in the package this week, and it simply made my day. I carried it around with me, and i LOVED the picture you drew. "Wanna see my...SAW?!" Hahahaha I hope your doing well, don't forget to choose the right. Always. Even when it seems hard, pray and ask the Lord what is best for you, and He will guide you in every step you make. I love you all so much! Take care! ¡Hasta luego!

With love, Elder Knight

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