Monday, February 6, 2012

I Love Being a Missionary!

(District meeting with las choapas)

Mi querida familia,

This week has been so great. I don't even know where to begin. Sounds like everyone's doing great at home. Super Bowl was yesterday? Yeah, I didn't know haha.I'm sorry I won't talk too much about home, but I am so excited to share what has happened this week. But I really do hope you are all fine and staying strong in the gospel. I pray for you all often daily.
Cambios (transfers) are today, and Elder Andrade and I both stay. I'm happy because we both get along really well with eachother most of the time. I really am grateful to have him as my companion. This week we worked super hard, I've been pretty dang tired because I really haven't stopped working all week. But it feels so good, and we had so much success at the end of the week!
(just studying in the house)

    We put 5 baptismal dates this week with investigators, and 'no me diga' (don't tellme ) we have so many amazing investigators. We have Jessica and Dafne who are getting baptized this Sunday after church if everything goes well. Jessica (mother of Dafne) wasn't going to get baptized because she didn't want to get baptized alone. And Dafne's dad doesn't live with them anymore, but wanted Dafne to continue in the Catholicism church. But last night, we met her dad, Ismael, in their house. We walked in the house and presented ourselves with him, and he didn't look too animated (excited). But he was talking with Jessica and Dafne about something and Elder Andrade and I had a mini silent conversation with eye contact, lip movement, and hand gestures. Long  story short, Elder Andrade didn't want to share a lesson, but something was burning in my heart to teach this grumpy man. So I opened my scriptures, closed my eyes and thought for a moment, and the conversion story of Alma came into my mind so clearly. So I busted out Alma 36 and we read together the change of misery to mercy that Alma had in his conversion. And then we finished by singing "Families can be together forever" because Jessica likes it, and sang with us. Needless to say, Ismael was responsive in the lesson, answered questions, and shared how he feeled about the song we sang, and said he would like to have an eternal family.
                                    (Fernando and I in the awesome little rocking chair)
I know God has a plan for all of His children to hear the gospel, and we should not have fear to be the ones who do so. Whenever we share the gospel with others, The Spirit will be with us, and will support us in every word we say, He will testify of the true doctrine, and you will be a tool in God's hands to cause them to feel the Savior's love.
                                                (Antonio Delfin at the pizza party yesterday)

Also, we have Antonio Delfin, who is an ex-alcoholic and understands the bible better than most people here I know, and also applies it to his life, how cool! He has had an experience where the Elders saved his life almost 5 years ago, but kept going to an Adventista church, and afterwards became an alcoholic. He is way rad and we talk alot about religion. I love it. He is fixing up a few legal things and also has plans to get baptized this saturday, if not the next week =)

Also many more people who I will tell you about later. Don't get mad at me if 'later' is a year from now haha.

Testimony meeting, I almost cried. Delia our ward missionary bore her testimony on how she used to work with the missionaries alot like a year ago, but has gotten into working and spending time with her family alot since and has not had the time to do as much missionary work. But she shared with everyone that we should be very involved in the missionary work, even if we're not missionaries. Because while working with us this week, she has never felt so relaxed and without problems. When we put other's problems and needs in first place, God takes care of our own. I know this is true, and I know that we all can be witnesses to this miracle of service if we only give a little bit of time to His cause.

My invitation this week, tell the missionaries that you would like to accompany them to a lesson in these next two weeks. Just one lesson to start, but tell them to pray to know which investigator you should accompany them to see. I promise you in this lesson will feel the Spirit testify to you the truthfulness of this great and marvelous work, as well as you will remember hapiness that you have long forgotten from when you joined the church.

I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church of our Savior here on the earth, to prepare us for His Secong Coming. I know the Joseph Smith was a great prophet who restored the whole gospel in these latter-days. And I know that along with the complete gospel, it has waiting  for us a complete hapiness if we endure to the end in this beautiful path. I share these thoughts with you with all my love and worthy desires for you all, in the name of my Savior, whom I trust with all my heart, Jesus Christ. Amen.

With love, Elder Knight

(Dafne and me with our bibles =D )

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