Monday, January 30, 2012

New Photos from beautiful Cuichapa, Mexico 1.30.2012

1. We were taking a picture the other day with Elder Andrade's new camera, and some kids came down the road and took the picture with us, a little kid took the picture with my camera haha

2. Just a photo of the beautiful area of Cuichapa. I love it here!
Hey family! Hope everything's going well in the family this week. I'm doing just fine here in Cuichapa. Lots of changes here in our little branch, all for the better. It sure makes me miss our home ward sometimes. Chelsea and Danny, you two are amazing. Whenever I think about how rad my sister and my brother-in-law are, I just get prideful haha. I hope I can be a cool brother-in-law to my wife's siblings someday, Danny will be my role-model.(Note: I have yet to meet this "Seth" character of whom you all speak about)  Haley! I am soooo excited for you to get your papers in! I can't believe this is happening, its so surreal and amazing. I feel so truly blessed that my family is so strong in the gospel, I know it is what will keep us together forever. And Caitlynn, I'm so happy for you and Seth. Marriage is a vital part in our Heavenly Father's plan for us, in which we can be happy forever. Hooray for starting your eternal family! Reagan, my wonderful favorite little sister, you have always been awesome. "I still remember the days" when you liked to gang up on me with your sisters, ..but the day came when you were all alone,.. and I was your only sibling around bwahahahahahahaa. I sure miss spending time with you, and going to fast food restaurants late at night together. We will for sure keep this tradition going when I get back, I promise...because I want to do it too haha. I hope everything's going well for you in high school, hope I didn't leave TOO bad of a reputation for you at SMHS, but I'm sure you can turn it around! Always remember that you are a daughter of God, our Heavenly Father loves you, forever. And you are never far from his sight, He is watching over us always. Pray, BEG, for His guidance and merciful hand to carry you through this life burdened with evil around every corner. Forget about your problems, love everyone, look for opportunities to serve others, and I promise you that YOU WILL BE HAPPY.
Here in Cuichapa I am learning how to apply everything I have learned in my life to the people around me. Trying to be a blessing, not a burden, and help others to follow the path of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There is no path that brings us more hapiness and joy, more liberty from our pains and sufferings, more miracles that prove the love of God. Stay on the path, and help others to come unto Him as well.
Christ asks that we follow His example, and serve others in every way we possibly can. What is the best way? Share the restored gospel with ALL His children. This is what will bring true hapiness to all, especially those sharing the message.
As saints of our royal master, we are all enlisted 'til the conflict is over. Happy are we, happy are we.....
I am Elder Knight. Forever will I be enlisted in His army, and I am happy.

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