Monday, January 9, 2012

from: Cuichapa, Mexico

Querido familia,

Hope everyone's week went well! I'm still super shocked that Caitlynn is engaged, not that she wouldn't get married or anything, it’s just weird to me for some reason. (You know I love you, Caitlynn) I can`t wait to meet another brother-in-law! Daniel has been my first brother ever, and a very fine one at that. Seth's got some work cut out for him, but I'm sure if Caitlynn's down for marrying him, that he'll be cool with all of us too. I trust in you all. Oh Caitlynn- what temple will you be getting married in? (I promise you that it should be the San Diego Temple. But do whatever you want of course). And Haley, I am so excited to hear your mission call! I can't wait to have my favorite sister (you can all fight about it) on her mission with me. I know this is the work of the Lord, and that He blesses us as we strive to keep His commandments and build His kingdom here on the Earth.

This week in Cuichapa, has been very good. We helped Lourdes prepare for her baptism on Saturday. She understands everything and was so ready for baptism, but on Thursday a brother of hers said that he wouldn't support her if she got baptized in another church, because her family is catholic. And this discouraged her a lot, as she was expecting her baptism to make her family life happier, as it does. We spoke with her a few words, and the story of Thomas Marsh in D&C came so directly to my mind that I felt so impressed to share it with her. With about 5 minutes of searching my scriptures (because I couldn't remember in what section the Lord counseled him) I found it and shared with her verse 2. She was extremely disappointed and did not want to go on.. "Behold, you have had many afflictions because of your family; nevertheless, I will bless you and your family, yea, your little ones; and the day cometh that they will believe and know the truth and be one with you in my church." I know that when we are worthy, the Spirit really does guide us. Especially in the work of the Lord, he will put the feelings in our hearts, thoughts in our minds, and even the words in our mouths in the very moment. Later that evening we returned to visit Lourdes, in which she notified us that she knew she needed to get baptized. Even so she told us to make sure we scheduled the baptismal interview for the next morning.

In other news, I have gotten a lot out of these letters that Dad sent me, this adventure that I have put myself into. I love it. It gives me so much more purpose in every day. I think it was Wednesday, we were going to an appointment with Elizabeth. She's a new investigator we found last week, 23 years old, but she hadn't come to the church because her dad is from a different religion. We thought she was chosen and prepared for baptism, but things were not going to well since she wasn't keeping her commitments that she made in our previous lessons. Arriving at her street, I felt the urge to keep walking past it a bit, and stop in a cluster of trees on the side of the road. Elder Andrade was like "We passed her house!" and I was just like, "I know, we're going to go over here for just a moment." "Why?" "I don't know, but let's go" (haha). Upon reaching the spot I saw, I stood for a second, and saw that there was nobody around us, so we decided to say a prayer. We were really stuck on how Elizabeth was going to progress. We asked that the Spirit help us to decipher whether we should continue visiting Elizabeth or not, and that he give us a clear answer in the lesson as to what we should do. Arriving at the lesson, we taught the Restoration SO clear (because the Spirit was teaching), and so undeniable. She told us that she felt everything was true, ...but that her father didn't want us to return to their home. It was taught, but we left her with the invitation to come to church any Sunday. She was one of 4 investigators we have left so far this week, and it has been rough, because we have felt like there is no hope. But I feel that some of them will return, but with time. We are planting seeds for other missionaries to harvest. And I have faith that if we keep working, keep teaching, and keep being obedient to the commandments, God will bless us with success in this area, and this small branch will grow.
We didn't have very good numbers this week, in lessons, and I don't feel very good about it. But all the time we put into the branch is actually effective, as a few members invited their friends to church this week. And the assistance in the church went from the usual 40 up to 55 yesterday. With a new member, Lourdes. and a young man who nobody recognized, Miguel, who upon presenting myself with him in front of the church told us that he was a member from a long time ago. (Some other members told us that he is a drug addict), but upon arriving in the church, he told me that he felt something pulling him towards the church from his home since last night. I'm sure that it wasn't drugs, but the Holy Ghost, helping him in his return to Christ. We also started a Gospel Principles class which Elder Andrade and I are teaching, and he wasn't all there, but felt the Spirit and answered questions correctly and inspired when I asked.. The Lord watches over all of us, I know that we are never lost. We are never far from His sight, He knows us all personally and has a plan prepared for each and every single person in which they can return to live in His presence after this life, and more so to achieve happiness in this life right now. The path is the gospel of Jesus Christ, and we invite ALL to come, and partake of this true happiness. Wherever you may be, or whoever you are, the Lord loves you, and He wants you to follow in this path. There is no happiness in this world greater than knowing Jesus Christ as your Savior. "Come unto Him"
I personally invite all to do so. As well as I invite all who are invited, to invite the rest of His children. And I do so with love in His holy name, even Jesus Christ our dear Lord and Savior, amen.

-Elder Knight
Photos by Trevor of his new area

Trevor cleaning the baptismal font in the chuch in his new area...yuck!

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