Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm now in Chiuchapa, VERACRUZ, Mexico!

Well, ¡buenas tardes familia Knight!
Hope you all had a good week. Totally forgot to tell you all last week. I've been transferred to Cuichapa, Veracruz. Its a little pueblito (little town) pretty well off from Coatzacoalcos. Its like an hour bus ride from any other missionaries, and the branch only has 35-40 people attending church every week. Needless to say, it has been a blast getting to know all of the marvelous members here, and working with my new companion Elder Andrade. Who is from Mèxico City, 18 years old, and has 3 months in the mission (I am now a Senior Companion and a trainer). He is excited to work, and knows the city pretty well, since this is where he started. Things have been pretty well great here, but looks like its going to be a LOT of work. Elder Plummer called me last night (who was my trainer, and now Assistant to the President) to congratulate me for the 8th week baptizing in the area I had just left. And to inform me that Presidente knows this area needs a lot of work, and that I should do all I can to move the work here to show the Lord what I am capable of. I'm pretty stoked, and know that with the Lord's help and guidance. This area will start moving. There have been 2 baptisms in the last 4 months here, and neither of them are active. And the branch president works all week in Reforma Chiapas, and is only here on the weekends. There's no 2nd counselor, his dad is the secretary. No Elder's quorum presidency, no Young mens presidency, and no presidency in the mission work. Well, it'll be quite a blast to see what happens in these next few weeks, but I'm sure there are a lot of miracles in the path ahead of us. Pray for me, my family. I miss you all!
Love, Elder Knight
P.s. I'm smiling alot. Congratulations Caitlynn and Seth! May 12th is going to be legit. I'll find a way to celebrate it too somehow, don't worry. I hope everything is going super great at home. You are always in my prayers. And hurry up Haley! I want to hear SO BAD where you are going to go on your mission!!!!!!! You are such great examples to me, all of you. Keep living according to the gospel, search for ways you can be more obedient, and the Lord will see your efforts and bless you all.
Scripture of the Week: 1 Tim 4:9-16    <3

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