Monday, February 27, 2012

My beloved extended family...

Mi querida familia,
Well this week has been interesting here in Mexico, and it sounds pretty interesting back at home too. I hope you are all doing well, especially since almost the entire family is under the same roof again! Woooo! It sounds pretty great to me, wish I could be there. Truthfully, families here can be very close, and it reminds me of us sometimes (since we're a perfect family and all, ya know?). Sometimes, their home is just 2 rooms: a living room/kitchen/dining room, and the bedroom, where everyone sleeps together. For example, sometimes there are 2 beds and a hammock for a family of 5-6 people. Lots of the kids are very used to sleeping in the same beds and sharing everything. Its awesome, and humbles me alot. Especially since I've always had my own bed, and for a lot of time my own room too. How blessed I have been, and am still.
Keep up the good work at home, hope that garage cleans itself up this time, seems like we need to clean it every year or so. I'll be there for the next one I hope, if it doesn't come too soon haha. Caitlynn, hope everything's turning out just as you've wished for your wedding plans. Don't go too crazy though, once you go through the temple I'm sure your afterparty won't even come close to compare. Keep up the good work, and prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime haha. And hello to Seth! My almost new brother-in-law! I'm so grateful for such loving sisters who find such great brothers for me. That should be the goal for Haley and Reagan now too, just look for a brother for me, and hopefully he'll be a good husband too, hahaha.
Mom, I love you so much. Dad too! You are the best parents in the world. I am so spoiled. Even up to my grandparents I'm spoiled. I miss them alot, and miss going over to their house and helping them with random stuff, and hearing cool stories about their lives. Grandparents are rad. And all my cousins and uncles and aunts. I got the pictures from Christmas and its so awesome. Everyone looks like their doing great. Carter, don't stress too much, keep preparing yourself to return to the mission field. We'll be surfing together again and sharing stories about our missions before you know it. WE NEED YOU.
Tanner, you'll be serving soon enough. Prepare yourself, and go out with the missionaries. You're already a Priest, you can go on divisions with the missionaries if you want, it would help them out alot, and you'll learn a heck of alot too.
Things are going well here in Cuichapa. Still a heck of a long way from civilization, but we're enjoying it haha. Lots of good people. Oh, and Jessica and Dafne were baptized on Wednesday, because Presidente couldn't be there on Monday and Jessica wanted him there. But no worries, everything went well, and our service was very spiritual. Jessica cried when she shared her testimony, and said "La tercera vez es la vencida" haha or "The third time is the charm." We now have a branch 2 members bigger. And we're putting alot of foundation in the branch right now too. I'll let you know how it all goes down, we're establishing a ward mission plan, and its going to be legit. Hold on tight haha
I love you all. Don't forget to forget yourselves in the service of others. Mosiah 2:17
Love, Elder Knight

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