Monday, March 12, 2012

Querida familia,

Wow, what an awesome week that just went by. I don't think a week has ever gone by so fast either, I feel like I have missed so much.. Well, I love your letters tht you have all sent to me, I really feel your desires to make yourselves closer to the Savior, and it makes me feel so happy to know you are progressing spiritually at home.
First, a few updates:
-This last week I bought a pillow, I haven't had one in about all my mision. Easy to say best purchase of my life, and dumbest year of my life wasted sleeping with folded tshirts and sweaters as pillows haha. enough. bastante.
-We had the youth activity this week to prepare for EFY coming up this fall (Especially For Youth). It went really well, lots of their friends of the young men and women came to support them. They sang and shared quotes from the Prophets and apostles and stuff. Cool stuff. And we had Carne Polaka, one of my favorite plates here ;-)
-I found my wallet! So great to have her back. Without money, and a dead credit card, but I got'er back. Yeahhhh
 Some kid in Cuichapa Viejo had it, found it on the ground I guess :/ woops
-María del Carmen was baptized yesterday! Ahh it went so great. Miguel is such a stud too, he has helped us in teaching his mom so much to prepare her for her baptism. She is great, we're going to visit her tonight to have a family home evening and eat fish filet. Yummm
-Oh! I got your package with the ties dad! Thanks so much, they're rad! And I got your letter
 ¡Felicidades Pedro! Está creciendo MUY bien, Batteries Plus. Estoy super orgulloso de ustedes, ¡adelante! (O, y también para Pedro, ya me gustan los tomates, como me dijo que usted también no le gustaba antes de la misión... ¡Ya me encantan los tomates! Jjajaja)
-And we went to the Soteapan Cascades for a zone activity this morning. It was legit, I got to catch up with Elder Vasquez who I haven't seen in forever. But it was pretty miserable being so close to that beautiful water, without being able to go in it... =( Awww

Anyways, Dad. I want to write to you today, as head of the family.
Saturday night after the youth activity, I was getting ready for bed, and began to say my prayers. While I was praying I was thinking an awful lot about our family, and about the temple(crazy huh, that you mentioned the temple in your letter to me!). And I got up and turned the lights on to write down what I felt before I went to bed. I felt the strongest impression that our family needs to go to the temple. Everyone together. (Without me of course) Before General conference if you do all you possibly can. I don't know why, but as I was praying for everyone by names, I felt like an answer for each and every one of you is to go to the house of the Lord, and pay attention to what the Spirit tells you. I know these can be hard times in your lives right now, and I feel so bad that I can not be so close to console you all personally.
The Spirit of the Lord resides in His house. The work we perform in the sacred temples is the most important work we can do here on the Earth for the eternal welfare of all human beings. If we want the world to be a better place, we should take anxiously to the work of the temple. In there, we perform the sacred ordinances necessary not only for our own salvation, but for the salvation of every soul that has stepped foot on this Earth. Although I am on a mission, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, and saving living souls; you can be doing an even greater mission if you go to the temple and submit yourselves to the will of our Father in Heaven. He has provided for these temples to be built so that we can use them. Every temple has been dedicated, so that the Spirit of the Lord resides in every hallway, and touches the hearts of all those who enter. We can honestly feel His holy presence when we are in His house. And not only His, but those of our ancestors. As we perform this sacred work for those who have past, they are there to console us and guide us.
I cannot even begin to tell you all the numerous stories of spiritual accounts I have heard that have passed in the temple, most of them from my own family members. You know it is the house of the Lord, you know how sacred it is, you all know how important it is for you to assist regularly. Don't EVER forget. I know as you, my beloved family, strive to assist the temple, the Spirit will more abundantly guide you in your lives, He will be your constant companion as you are worthy holders of His light. One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite prophets: "If you want to be happy, forget yourself in this great work of salvation." Be happy. I love you all. I know Jesus Christ loves you all. I know He is watching over you, and anxiously waiting for us to do His will. I know every single one of you is important to Him, and He needs you. And I share this with all my love, I would never hold it back from you. In the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Trevor Knight

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