Monday, March 26, 2012

My dear Family & Friends...

(-Dafne and I traded backpacks last night)

Querida familia,
This week has been going great. I feel good, really good about the work right now. The last couple of weeks had been a bit difficult, ups and downs, for a lot of reasons. But it seems like this whole week has just changed completely. I'm doing my best to be so much more obedient, in even the smallest things. Not that I'm breaking the rules or anything. I'm trying to make my studies more effective, by studying for our invesigators and follwing the mission study guide that we've been given for companionship study.

My new companion, Elder Rodríguez, and I are getting along very well, he's way chill, and speaks a bit of english, so we can joke around in spanish and even english too sometimes (something I have missed for a while haha). The only problem is when he asks me for help sometimes in english, and I forget, its pretty well embarrasing. But I get over it. I really feel so much better this week, like we have had the spirit with us everywhere we go. Elder Rodríguez doesn't talk loud or make loud jokes, even sometimes I can't hear him when he says something. Now that I think of it, he reminds me of Dutch haha, like he is way funny and down to earth when you get to know him.

-Rodolfo broke our door window hahaha (thanks for the duct tape!)

We are working super hard, talking with everyone we come into contact with. Last week we counted 37 lessons that we taught, in homes, in the streets, in patios, in front doors, in the bus to Coatzacoalcos, in every situation you can possibly imagine. And the best is that we really do not feel alone. I know that because of our obedience, the Spirit is with us, and is guiding us to His children who are ready to hear us.

I love you all, you are all in my prayers. Hope you don't miss General Conference this weekend. Prepare yourselves. Pray, fast, study the last conference. As they say here in Mexico, I'll write you in "8 days."

Con amor,
Elder Knight
-Shaved ice activity with the youth in the branch

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