Monday, August 13, 2012

"el hermoso rio usamacinta"
taken from the window, looking out behind our house at 6:30 in the morning (after excersises)

Mi querida familia,
Wow, this week has been so busy. Let me just tell you how much I enjoy being a missionary though.
-Tuesday, Elder Callejas and I went to Palenque to work with the elders there. We went on divisions with Elder Evans and Elder Lope, which was inspired because Elder Lope turned out getting sick and couldn't work. Fortunately, we had one elder to go to the doctor with him, while the other went with Elder Evans to keep working in the area. Literally running back to Zapata for our own appointments, we arrived to teach a lesson to an amazing family(Marco Antonio, Marta, and their kids Sureima and Marcos) about the Book of Mormon. This family is incredible, but I will tell you more later..
-Then Wednesday we went to Long Beach to visit the area over there and help the Branch President organize appointments with members and recent converts to receive the priesthood so they can become a branch too. Again, running back in the evening to go to an appointment with a young man, cousin of a part member family. Great lesson, focused on the Atonement and the Book of Mormon (Because the Book of Mormon teaches us so much about the Atonement, its amazing!).
-Thursday, we trained the youth how to wash cars (Thanks for teaching ME Dad hehe), and they loved it. They all learned. Then we went to see Kim, the cousin of a recent activated sister in our branch. She had gone to church a few times, but has trouble understanding everything, because its hard for her to apply everything to her life (like changing things that are wrong sometimes). Then we went running to eat, and then on our way to Triunfo. Two combi rides and two hours later we arrive and had two baptismal interviews awaiting with little time. We met the investigators, enjoyed the interviews, and went on our way. Now another hour on a combi to Balancan. 6 people there ready to get baptized just waiting to be interviewed. We run in, and almost make lines to two rooms in which we held the interviews. Ahh it can be so spiritually tiring interviewing people. I love it, and I love the people, I love the duty, and I love the feeling. But it is so draining at the same time haha. Its hard to explain. So then like 2 1/2 hours later, we get on the road again. No combis or buses, but we shared a taxi with some Elders from Candelaria back to Zapata.
-Friday, we wake up early for Zone Class and interviews with the President. Awesome. But also tiring. Not to mention Elder Callejas and I have been working out everyday waking up at 5:45(normally, if not earlier) in the morning. Crazy seshes from the famous Elder Price's workouts.(Elder Price is crazy, in a good exercising way). Then to be surprised with a member who passed away(Raul). And then we had to change alot of our plans in the night to direct a devotional for his family.

-Saturday, waking up earlier again, to set up for the youth car wash. While they washed cars for free, we were going to give people tours around the church building and teach a bit about the gospel. Well two hours passed by and only one active member came with his car. And only let the youth wash outside, and then he left. So we had a little devotional, Elder Callejas and I talked with the youth about what is the faith. And then we said a prayer on our knees with them. And they went out with signs on the corners to invite more people. Few minutes later, Elder Callejas and I both think of the idea of knocking on doors to invite people to the car wash. So we walk out of the church and into the colonia nearby and start inviting every person who has a car in front of their house. Upon returning, we find a car of one of those people already there being washed, and we run in to give them the tour. Then two more men pull in (one from nowhere, and the other from our door knocking) and we give them both tours too, and teach alot while talking with them. The youth cleaned out their cars really well too, inside and out. It was awesome. I loved being able to help everyone, haha, being like an almost expert in washing cars haha. Then we continued running to appointments, because district conference started at 4:00. And so we did, and after conference, we went with a less-active marriage to visit the family of the man who passed away on Friday. We talked about eternal families, and the less-active family got alot out of it too. It was like killing two birds with one stone haha. We taught a family in need, and those who accompanied us to teach were edified too, how great!
-Sunday, conference again, and lots of visits in the afternoon. Articles of Faith training meeting at night with the ward. And then we went to go see Marco Antonio to help his family with a big problem they have right now. They are thinking about leaving eachother. Please pray for them.

Man, I wasted all my time writing our week down. Regret that haha.
But I want you to know how much I love all of you. I am so happy we can have an eternal family. That is something I cherish so much, and pray for every day. A forever family. There is no problem too big, or trial too long, that compare with the hapiness of an eternal family. I have faith that our Heavenly Father has put His priesthood on the earth so that we can form this family unit that will bring us eternal hapiness in the life to come. Please, don't ever give up. No matter what happens, there is nothing worth more than this eternal hapiness. We must be willing to give everything necessary. Leave everything necessary. Do everything necessary.
What I have seen in my mission has truly changed my life. And I am so grateful for it. I am eternally in debt to my Heavenly Father for this opportunity that He has given me to grow SO MUCH. When I was younger (so long ago, right? haha) and I thought that I was alright, and that I knew everything necesarry. Boy was I wrong. So many things I have learned through diligent study in the Lord's scriptures. In the Bible and the Book of Mormon, and the beautiful words of our Heavenly Father's prophets that He continues sending to guide us in this very day. There is so obviously much more that He has waiting for us in His presence, in His mansions. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is so obviously the Kingdom of God here on the Earth, lead by a prophet, and governed by the holy Priesthood to prepare us to return to the presence of our loving Heavenly Father. Wanna be happy? Be a mormon, and LIVE the gospel.
Take care, and write me always ;) I LOVE your letters! I always read them, even if I don't reply. I do love them and appreciate them so much. Thank you!
With lots of love, Elder Knight

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