Monday, November 26, 2012

Mi querida familia (my dear family),

You guys are so awesome! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving this week! Mexican Revolution day was pretty normal, haha, well for us anyways. We left the house and there was a huge parade going on, made up of the students of all the schools. They just march around town in their uniforms, some grades dressed up too. We only saw it as we walked by, but we managed to see some of the members' children marching around. It was great!

This week has been crazy! I just might say that every week though, but it sure is true. We are always doing something. We went for the last time to Playa Larga last wednesday. I didn't tell you because we didn't have time to write last week. But I included some of the pictures of our trip. The bus dropped us off at the entrance by the freeway, and we had to make the 4 mile walk in by foot. (attached are the pictures, one looking behind, and one ahead) Not complaining, but we're not going to miss that again haha. 

But we've been talking a lot with the district presidency to work on making Playa Larga a rama (branch), because right now its just a family unit there with like 30 people assisting. If it becomes a branch, then the missionaries can go work over there more! We're way excited. President Valencia and his counselor went over there yesterday for church and had a training meeting with all them to help them know what they need to become a branch. Its pretty exciting, all we really miss are tithe paying Elders. The women there have their husbands inactive for some reason, so we're trying to help their husbands out, but its hard because they live on the other side of the river. But we'll see what happens. The Zapata branch has to work with them because its part of their membership.

As for local news, we are helping alot of the families here in Zapata to become faithful members, and the leaders to be trained and independent. Well, not so independent, but dependent upon the Lord and not so much on the branch president or the district. We've been having more ward council meetings, and I've been striving to make them more efficient by helping the leaders focus on the people in our ward. Its going well. We are currently activating a family that Elder Randolph and I found (on not-so accident) the other day. Elder Callejas told us to go visit them. Sister Elibeth and her kids Cristel and Eladio are great. But Elibeth is a single mom and works every other day 24 hrs. She can't go to church because the schedule switch is at 8:00am in Villa, and it takes about 2 1/2 hours to come back to Zapata. So she doesn't get here until about 11:00am, with only the last hour of church. But her children are very excited, and we found out a lot of their neighbor family are members too! Its a gold strike! Its pretty cool. 

We're also teaching the family of Miguel and Cande still (the ones from Cuichapa) and they came to church this Sunday! Man, it just filled my heart with so much joy to see them sitting in a church again, I figured it had been awhile, and the members accepted them so very well. We're going to keep visiting them with members, (oh and ANOTHER inactive member who visits them with us, and went to church this week too! Her name is Ana) and see how we can help their son find help for the tumor in his mouth. Ana found a foundation that can help them, and they're going back this week to see what's up. We've found a Gospel that can help him, and so we're planning on helping him get baptized to be able to receive the blessing of health from the Lord's side. Maybe we can just get a 2 for 1 and kill 2 birds with one stone. I'm thinking so. Receive forgiveness for your sins = be healed physically? Oh yeah, you better believe it! We'll see! =)

Love you all,
Elder Knight

P.S. Shout out to Jeremy Rios, thanks so much for the email. Totally made my day! I'm working the hardest I can to make the best out of the time that I've got. Love you dude!

P.S.S. Parents, I finally remembered to ask President about your question of coming down. I asked him in my weekly letter, so you should have your answer by next week. Not to mention, I'm not even sure if my return date will still be the 18th of Feb. Because due to the new missionaries coming in, I heard they're going to move our changes ahead by 3 weeks, and we'll have to either come home 3 weeks early or 3 weeks late. But its just a rumor, I'm still not so sure because Elder Otriz still hasn't called me about it. But I will tell you as soon as I know too. No worries. I love you! Find your missionary opportunities this week!!!

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