Monday, November 12, 2012

Mi querida familia,
This week has just been amazing! First of all, I got a super surprise phone call on Friday evening from the to-be Sister Knight serving in the Nashville Tennessee mission! That is so cool! I have been thinking so much about it, and how great of an experience you have to make it, Haley! It surely will be the best 18 months of your life. Keep preparing yourself, especially by studying you Preach My Gospel manual EVERY day! Just be an expert on the manual, and you will feel so prepared for your mission, I promise you. You will be so much more prepared than I was anyways. 

There is so much time I feel like I had wasted in the first part of my mission for not being as familiar with that manual. Secondly, just learn to leave the worldly things. This goes for everyone, including those who are preparing for a mission as well. Learn to live without a cell phone for a day, and you will surely see that the world does not end. ha ha. Or try not looking at Facebook every day, as I'm sure everyone does, because here in Mexico its normal and there's not even as much access to internet as there is in the states! Learning to leave the digital world behind you will just make your REAL life just SOOO much better, and so much more enjoyable. 

We have a young man who just got his mission call here, he leaves at the end of the month. He's going on his mission to Chihuahua, Mexico. But he has the hardest time leaving his cell phone, he simply can't do it. And it kills me inside, because I can almost promise myself sometimes that he is so addicted that he won't even make it out of the MTC... But we're working with him more and more, oh Darwin. Please pray for him, because he's leaving soon, and it would be tough for his family to see him come back home early.

In other news, we found Cande and Miguel the other day. Miguel had to work this Sunday though and they couldn't come to church. But since the first time we passed by, they seem to be progressing a lot every day! They are starting to pray every day again, and are living more worthily too. In the zone, we went on a lot of divisions this week. We went to Balancan, Tenosique, Candelaria, and Triunfo. It was a crazy week, but we are seeing a lot of good in the Elders and their areas. We are praying to find the people necessary to complete our goals this month in the zone. It's looking pretty tight right now, but we've got a goal in the zone of 10 converts this week, with 7 areas. We'll let you know the results next week. We're going to Palenque tomorrow to interview everyone we can.

I love the mission more and more every day. I'm not counting down or anything, but Elder Randolph is, and he told me I'm in the double digits today, no more 3-digit number for the days I have left. Man, he's a dork sometimes but I love him. We get along very well, and work well together. I'll send you a picture of us on the ride home with a member family the other day, so you can see Elder Randolph, he's from Spanish Fork, Utah. Hope you all have a great week. And prepare yourselves to be missionaries, whether or not your going on a full-time mission. We are ALL called to serve him. =)

Con amor, Elder Knight

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