Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mi querida familia,
This week has been crazy great! We went to the Zone Leader council on Tuesday and Wednesday in Villahermosa. It was seriously great! So much is changing in the mission right now, its crazy, we are for sure setting the new foundation for a lot of success in the next few months. Lame that I'll be leaving soon. Elder Collette is a zone leader now in Coatza so we saw each other in the council again, he's from my MTC district. He filled me in on all the Mitt Romney chisme, I'm pretty stoked, I think it would be so cool for America to have an LDS President. Just show U.S.A. whats up!! Anyways, the council talked a lot about the new form of work that we should be doing. Because we work WAY hard, but at times its not so effective for some Elders who don't work right. Its like they can sometimes be wasting all their effort trying to open a jar, but they're twisting it the wrong way. We have a lot of really great missionaries, especially in our Zone. Our goal this month is to help them find this effective way of how to work. How to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to all in the way most effective to bring all unto Him. We made a calendar and a zone book to keep track of everyone and their branches (Because or whole zone is branches, there are no wards) and their investigators. Its pretty legit. I'm stoked to use it in this month. We are looking to make a "Real growth" in the mission and its corresponding churches/members.

We are now going to be using mormon.org a lot more, including with the people we teach. Instead of pamphlets and stuff, they expect us to hand out mormon.org cards and expect the people to look up the website. Its gonna be gnarly awesome. We're even going to make mormon.org profiles soon, to be announced in December okay. Check it out, I found a great mormon.org page (you can go to it by clicking on the link above!)

Thursday we went to Palenque and helped the Elders because Elder Romero was sick, and they had citas (appointments) to visit. We set three baptismal dates with a mom and her daughter, and another young woman. The mom and daughter were baptized on Saturday, the young woman later this month. Then Friday we went over to Tenosique to interview another girl and her brother. She got baptized on Saturday, and her little brother this week! Benemerito was also baptized, it was quite a miracle! They are out literally in the middle of nowhere, but the church is super strong down there. They have some great members who are always bringing their friends and neighbors to church on Sundays to worship with them. Great!

So Saturday was the only day this week we had to work the whole day in our area. We busted it out though, left early and went to a colony kinda far away to visit a referral. They weren't home, but we went with a member and found a way inactive lady in her home. She was very receptive and looks like she just stopped going for no reason, and nobody had gone to look for her! More crazy, I saw this little girl just sitting their next to her about 2 years old. And I was thinking for like 10 minutes, "Where the heck have I seen that little girl before?!?!" Upon asking her, she told me that the little girl had been given to her to take care of, she came from Veracruz in a pueblo called San Martin. I was like dang I've never heard of San Martin, but I was in Cuichapa. Then she told me her parents names, Cande and before she could say the dad's name it had already blurted out of my mouth- Miguel! I was like "no way! Is that Citlali?!" She was flabergasted that I knew her name (as I was that I remembered it) and I explained that she was not from San Martin, but a pueblo close by called Cuichapa. I knew her family, and I was in Cuichapa when they all moved away and disappeared. I had never thought I would see them again honestly, but now I'm way stoked to go and see them. We found out their address and we're going to visit them today. CRAAAZZYYYYY, so then I called my Pres. Silva over in Cuichapa to ask him a bit about the family that I had forgotten, and he filled me in. Wow, what a small world. It makes me feel so much that our Heavenly Father is really the one at work in this mission. He knew where that family was going to go, and He puts us where we need to be to help them and reactivate them. I'm just so stoked.

Other news, we put a baptismal date with Victor, the husband of our Primary President for the end of the month. He's one of our "Ancient Men" in the branch who should be members, but aren't for some reason. We've still got 7 more to go, we're going to see how many we can pile up for the end of the month. =D

We're seeing miracles every day here, whether it be in our area or another's, its the same to our Heavenly Father. I love the mission and I wouldn't trade anything for it. No amount of money or anything could ever get me to leave here. And when I do leave, no amount of money or anything could get me to stop being a missionary for life. I KNOW this work is true, I could not possibly deny it when God blesses me with so many evidences of His hand in this work. I invite all to prepare themselves to serve Him as well, because no matter who you are or where you find yourself in life, you can find these faith and testimony building miracles too. Keep moving forward my family. Take care of yourselves, eh. =)
Con amor, Elder Knight

P.s. Included are some pictures of the week.
Palm fronds made into altar decorations for the day of the dead here
A stuffed cat/mountain lion thing we found in an investigators home

And a dead guy in the dirt in front of our house (really just a pair of stuffed jeans and boots from the teenagers downstairs)
*I have also taked alot of pictures here with the members, but they're on my other memory card because we're using it for a branch project. Later.... =) Love you all!

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