Monday, June 13, 2011

Mi familia,

This week has gone by so fast! It seems like just yesterday I was writing you. That´s awesome that Tyler had his Court of Honor! I remember how awesome it was to have mine with Riley, although we didn´t have Sis Fullerton´s salsa. I will tell you a bit about what we´re eating here every day. Believe it or not, I have yet to eat chips and salsa, or any dip. Elder Plummer and I were just talking the other day about how we were expecting big burritos and awesome tacos and stuff. But its not like that here.. haha. I´d have to say we eat 3/5 of the time chicken and rice. Sometimes we have tacos with just a bunch of random stuff in it too. We´ve had 'mole' quite a lot these last two weeks, its chicken boiled in this sauce that takes like 2 days to make or something. Everyone talks about it like its a specialty, but for taking 2 days to make, I don´t see the big deal... =D haha but it is pretty good, don´t get me wrong.

It was Elder Vaquez's last week here last P-Day and we went to BurgerKing downtown to 'celebrate' because he had been in the same area for 7 months! It was weird, it was like we walked into America again haha. But there's never Dr. Pepper here, its replaced with this apple soda called Manzana Lift. Also, we don´t drink 'Coca' here alot. Everyone else drinks it alot, but President told us not to buy it or drink it unless an investigator or member offers it to us. Probably because its so hot here and we´re walking all the time. But we´ve had it a couple of times. And here, when somebody offers you here something, YOU TAKE IT.  No matter what it is haha. If we really don't want something, or can't eat it, we've found its just easier to take it or else the person gets offended. Reminds me of when Mimi would buy me stuff in drive-thru's anyways when I would say I didn't want anything. Haha

We had another baptism this week. It was crazy! We baptized a young man named Alitelio who has 18 years. The whole time we've been teaching him it has been so exciting just to watch him learn. I can already see him serving a mission soon, its awesome! He has so much faith, his mom has taught him alot growing up. His mom's name is Teresa, and his dad left 10 years ago or so, and Teresa has been working alot to support themselves. We found them, actually through the sister of Usbaldo who we just baptized last month. Alitelio is the boyfriend of Usbaldo's older sister haha. But his whole conversion has been totally seperate from the fact that they're dating. We were talking with him thursday night about his baptism and set an interview appointment with him the next morning and he was so excited and ready to get baptized! But something must have happened because when we came with the Zone leaders that morning he kept saying he wanted to wait until school ended in september. We were so confused. But Elder Plummer and I felt like going back to his house that afternoon to talk to him, and he told us that he still has a lot of doubts, but it was hard for us to believe because we already saw how ready he was!

And then his mom called us friday night crying, and when we went over she told us that her husband came the night after we left and there was a big fight, but that she knew that Ali should get baptized. And so we talked with them both again on saturday morning. And we left Ali with the decision to make of when he was going to get baptized. He called us an hour later after having read his Book of Mormon and praying to his Heavenly Father, and said that he wanted to baptize himself that night. It was incredible, and alot of work for Elder Plummer and I, but it was a beautiful baptismal service.

It's crazy to see how Satan just works on people like that when they are preparing for baptism. He just throws so many obstacles in people way, because he knows how much more power that person will have over him if they get baptized, and he doesn't want that. We must follow the example of our Savior in all things, and resist those awful influences of the Adversary. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and He is your Savior too. I love you all. Until next week!

Elder Knight