Monday, August 22, 2011

Hello family:

Thank you for the birthday wishes! Yes, I had a good birthday. I didn't really tell many people,  but I'm pretty sure they told everyone in our branch here haha. It felt just like another day, except at lunch Ha ha. Candelaria brought out flan for Elder De Los Santos and I, and their family to celebrate. And in the morning we went to shirley's home to teach a lesson, but her mom, Martha, was going to hold a meeting in their house. Her mom told me there is something really serious that she wanted to talk about, but that she wanted us to come back later in the day. I asked her what was wrong and she just kept telling us that we should come back in the afternoon. We left, and I worried all day about Martha, about what could possibly be going on. And we returned at about 8 in the night, and when we arrived they didn't seem worried or anxious at all. And when I asked Martha what was wrong she told me to sit down at the table so we could all talk...And then they brought food to the table, and Elder De Los Santos and I had to eat again. And THEN they brought out a fruity cake, and she told me that it was her problem. And I was like, "Are you serious? I've been worrying all day!" And she just laughed. It was pretty funny, and we sang a few church hymns and talked about their meanings. It was a good way to end the day, I felt. They are such a lovely family, I know Martha wants to get baptized too, and we have to teach her, so we will visit them often too!

Anyways, we're still working on getting Agustin and Manuela baptized. Its been pretty tough because Agustin is from Honduras and there's a bunch of other paperwork to do, but we pretty much became experts now on marrying people in Mexico. all we have to do now is help Manuela update a type of birth certificate, and they're clear! Hopefully we will be able to baptize them this week. I am excited to receive a new companion.

Elder De Los Santos just went home yesterday, he was really happy and excited in the bus terminals. Our work was really slowing down the last few weeks, I think he was ready to go home before this transfer even started.. So now I'm with the Zone leaders working in their area until Elder Alvarado, my new companion, comes tomorrow. I'm really excited, we're going to find new investigators, and help alot of people this transfer. In fact, I met a man in the bus terminal yesterday after I said goodbye to Elder De Los Santos. He is actually the security guard, and he gave me his address and told me we can visit him on wednesday. I feel like this tranfer is already turning around!

One thing I am going to work on personally this transfer is being more humble. I feel like I notice so many rude things and bad manners with other missionaries lately. Its really bothering me, being so negative. And then I realized the other day that I cannot judge anyone. For the least part, I should be bettering myself before thinking about giving advice to others in this manner. So, I can be a better missionary, closer to my Savior, and more prepared to hear and receive the guidance and promptings of the Holy Ghost in this marvelous work.

Well, I love you all, and I think about you often. I am so grateful to have been blessed with so many great family and friends to prepare me for this portion of my life. I am trying to write everyone, but only have so much time in P-Days. But I will try harder. Promise. Until next week!

Love, Elder Knight

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