Monday, August 15, 2011

Keep Moving Forward

Querido familia,

This week has been full of learning. Packed full. I am really learning to humble myself. Its something that I feel is way passed due. I keep thinking about how I can work harder with Elder De Los Santos (my missionary companion), so that I can also feel better about myself. President Castañeda gave all the missionaries 2 pages of new/altered/specified mission rules for us. Its pretty great. We read it in our district meeting and there's a list of things we cannot have. It was pretty funny because everyone was like, "ahh what?" if they had one of the things. I have one book a member gave me, that I need to send home because it is not in the missionary library. I was never planning on reading it here, but to keep it until I get home. But the rule stated exactly that "we should not carry non-permitted books." The book I have is Articles of Faith, but its not approved for some reason. Whatever, to home it goes, I'm going to try and find a mail-place out here in City of Carmen now, haha.

Rules and guidelines are pretty great, I don't know why I never liked them before hahaha. Out here they're all pretty much promises, each and every one of them. "Do this and you will be successful. Don't do this, and you will be blessed." How could I pass these opportunities by?! It would be ridiculous, wouldn't it? I'm sure you all can find ways to be more obedient, so as to receive the blessings of the Lord in your lives.

We had interviews with President Castañeda on Saturday! I would have to say interviews with him are one of the best things in the world. I always love to have just a few minutes alone with him to have him give me personal advice and motivate me to be so much better. He is so spiritually in tune with our Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that He was called to preside over this area, and lead us in the way of the Lord in this work. I am so grateful for him, he talked in a musical performance that we the missionaries did on Sunday night for our investigators. It was awesome, we sang a bunch of songs about Jesus Christ, and each one of us the missionaries, recited a part of The Living Christ. If you haven't read that before: READ IT. Everyone, even if you're some random stalker reading the blog of some random missionary(me), just do it.

Also, I have come to feel more and more every day that this is really where I need to be right now. As I teach here(Which I love), and serve others, the Spirit testifies to me that I am in the right place. I know that I have been prepared to be here, all my life, even more in the premortal life. I know that I was given lessons before coming to this world, and that I made promises before I came here that I need to fulfill. I will do everything I can to remain faithful to those promises, to fulfill the work I need to do here in Mexico in these 2 years, in order to return to my Heavenly Father once again in peace of mind and glory. I cannot wait for that day, I will prepare myself as best I can to assure I will be worthy in his presence.

I am so grateful for the blessing my Heavenly Father has given to me through my obedience to Him, and my efforts to better myself every day. I know that He is blessing me, as well as all in my family. That we need to search for these blessings, and recognize them so that we can be grateful for them. There is no better feeling to me than coming home deadbeat tired, after serving a full day in the vineyard of the Lord. ..Find your opportunities to serve.

With love, Elder Knight

P.s. Congratulations to Jimbo, you're going to be a great missionary, my brother! Give Elder Hernandez a hug in the MTC for me, and tell him to give you a hug for me, too. Thanks.. =P

P.s.again. They finally moved the mission offices next to the church building. The NEW address is:
Elder Trevor R. Knight
Misión México Villahermosa
Av. Circuito CD. Deportiva No. 206
Colonia Atasta
Villahermosa, Tabaso
C.P. 86100
(Use this address for everything you want to send from now on)

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