Monday, August 1, 2011

I love you all!

Mi amada familia,
I'm sorry in advance that I really don't have any time to write you this week. We went to Sams Club this morning here in Mexico, haha it was pretty fun. We went with Martha, the mother of Shirley who we just got baptized, because she offered to take us so we could use her card. I used like half of my monthly money, but I'm pretty sure everything I bought will last like 2 months!! So I'm pretty stoked. Which means we wont have to shop next week, which means I wont be rushed to write you.. Martha is super super nice to us, and I always have to bring up the gospel whenever I tak to her. This week she told us that she believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet, but doesn't see how we can pray to him. We quickly explained that we don't pray to him, because he wasn't a God. He was a prophet, like Abraham and Noah, and all that they were were middlemen between us and God. And that is what a prophet is. She understood and loved it, its awesome to see how excited people get when they understand the gospel. Because the gospel is so exciting!!!
Unfortunately, Agustin and Manuela were not baptized this week. There was a problem with their marriage because he is from Honduras, but we're resolving everything  as fast as we can with the ward members to get them married asap!  Also, we're going to baptize Cesar this week, another amazing story, which I'll have to share with you this next week.
It sounds like everyone at home is doing great! I'm sorry that you have to work so much Dad, know I'm always praying for you. And I know our Heavenly Father answers our prayers. I'll also share a funny story or two about that next week, of how I know he does =) But know that I am happy and loving it here in Mexico. No matter what happens, God will help me find a way through it. I'm getting more and more comfortable with Elder De Los Santos (my current companion), and he with me. Although its still a trouble trying to keep us on time and on track during the day. No worries though, its all in the Lord's work, I'm just trying to do it all in a way that would be pleasing to him.
Love you love you love you love you all! Please keep writing to me!
Love, Elder Knight

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