Monday, November 14, 2011

What's up?

Mi querida familia,

You are awesome. Ciudad del Carmen is awesome. This week has also been very awesome. Well, I can't remember what I said in last week's letter, but Carlos Vera and Guillermo did not get baptized. They both are waiting for their baptismal interviews with Presidente, who finally comes this week. But they are both so excited and come to the church with such great attitudes! Carlos and I were in the hallway yesterday after church talking about the classes, and he told me that he wanted to pay his tithing, but didn't know how. I felt kind of bad, because Elder Ibarra and I had forgotten to explain how to fill out the tithing slips (which are different in Mexico btw). But I showed him where to find the envelopes and how to fill it out. He was so happy, and we went looking for the President so that Carlos could hand it to him. Ah, he is so ready to follow the commandments and put his life in order with the Savior.

Also, we spoke with the parents of Fany (pronounced Fawn-E), and they permited her to get baptized. Her parents are members, but inactive. Fany is 9 years old, and has been going to church for the past few months with her aunt Sandy who is active and lives next-door. Her parents both came to the baptismal service, and it was such a beautiful one. Afterwards, Elder Ibarra asked Marcos, Fany´s dad, if he liked it. And he said he loved it. On Sunday, her parents still didn't come to church, but Fany came with Sandy and was confirmed in sacrament by our branch president Guillermo. Who is now not the president, because he's moving to the other side of the island. Our new president is Pres Luis Naun (Loo-eez Nah-oon). He is the brother who plays the piano, and is a ward missionary. Super great guy, we all knew he was going to be the new branch president haha.

Elder Ibarra and I are doing great, we're always working. Thank you for the packages, I'll keep my eye out for 'em. Cambios(transfers) are today, and Elder Ibarra and I are both staying another. So I'll be here until Christmas!

Oh! And something super funny I learned this week. This one's for Ryan, Kristian, Kenny, Tyler, and all my brothers. "Popo", which we all used to signify police or cops, in spanish is poop. =) And I heard the Kooks the other day, it was way surreal. I didn't believe it at first, but it was true. It was a guilty pleasure since I'm in the mission and all. But I only heard a bit of it because we were walking...

Also, I couldn't think of anything I really need except for socks. All of mine are disappearing since we started washing our laundry with the zone leaders.. hmmmm.... So if you'd like, I could use some black or gray socks for christmas, some good ones. Not like thin dress socks, but not like thick hiking socks. But good ones haha you know how I am. I only need like 5 or 6 pairs. Also, corbatas (ties) are always good too, because I start losing them when I gift them to investigators and baptisms. Candy, notes, Rice Krispies Treats Cereal. Whatever you can think of, I'll accept with ready arms. Oh and a shout out to all those who are getting married already: You should send me a wedding invitation, I'm pretty sure if you're reading this that my address is one the same page. hahaha Sidethought, there is a family here exactly, I mean exactly, like the Bolsters'. I love them just as much too.

Haley, my sister, don't worry about the money for the mission. The Savior will support us in all of our righteous desires and actions. He will provide the way. Just keep preparing yourself to be a servant 100% dedicated to his work, and He will prepare the means for you to do just so. And most importantly, over all other things in this world and universe: I love you!! (And Jesus loves you too...)

My favorite scipture this week. Mosiah 18:8-10 .. This is what all of us covenanted to do when we accepted baptism. Never forget to care for the needs of our brothers and sisters in the church. They all need your help. Get to know every single member that you can, because you just might be that blessing that they are looking for.
I love you, and love Mexico too.

Saludos, Elder Knight

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