Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November 21, 2011 letter home...

Querido familia,

This week has been great! I think I say this every week. But every week is amazing when you're on a mission, in the service of the Lord. This week especially though.
Elder Ibarra and I have really been trying to better ourselves in the work we do. Not that we're not working hard, but we are working on working more in the way Christ would. We have changed our companionship studies completely so that they are entirely focused in our investigadores. And it helps us so much, because we feel so much more prepared when we arrive at lessons and talk with people in the streets. Also, I feel like I'm getting better and better with my spanish every day too. Also, our entire zone made a new cambio resolution to exercise every morning, so that we are obedient. Because alot of mornings we wake up with no desire to work out, but I've been pushing it off and exercising every day so far(except Sunday)! Also, we talked with our apartment neighbor Daniel, and he said he wants to start running with us every morning. How grateful I am for the pair of running shoes I found in our apartment while cleaning last cambio. They were ripped in the front, but I took them to a zapateria and he sewed em up real nice for 30 pesos (like $2.50). Good as new.

Carlos and Jesus got baptized this week. Our branch is really stepping up and doing the missionary work here. It is so awesome to see. I LOVE all of our members, Sundays are seriously the best days because we can see all of them at church. Carlos was a reference from Norma, a member who pretty much adopted him because he was without a house. She is having tough economic times, and is such an example of faith and Christlike love. Even in her times of trouble, she takes in a young man to give him a home and food and a family. He loves the church, and shared his testimony in the baptism of how loved he feels to be in this family our ward. Jesus was a reference from the Hermano Ulises, who is a mechanic and has his own shop. Jesus is 16 years old and started working with Ulises as an assistant. He had a few problems with his grandma who takes care of him, and with drugs. But Ulises is his boss, shared the gospel with him, became a father figure, helped him overcome his addictions, and baptized him. He also is so great, we see him almost everywhere too, riding Ulises's bike around the colony running errands for him. This week Guillermo returns from Merida from a few medical appointments he had, and wants to get baptized this friday. We will see how things go, in the meantime we have been teaching his grandson Henry, and his girlfriend Ysenia. And their 4 year old son Alejandro, who always runs out and calls to us when we walk by their house. He is so funny, always smiling and happy no matter what happens.

Well, I love you all so much. Thank you for the emails. Best wishes to Grandma and Grandpa, it must stink to be so far apart. How great for Chelsea, Danny and Connor! I know that God answers our prayers. Caitlynn, you should email me something about whats goin on, because I don't know almost anything right now haha. You too Reagan! Mom and Dads explanations of your lives are not good enough haha. And Haley, keep working on your spanish, and then you Dad and I can all have our own language to talk in. And keep working on the mission prep. I totally regret not going to mission preparation classes when I had the chance. How dumb of me. We have started a program with our branch missionaries, where everyone should be reading the Book of Mormon daily, Preach My Gospel weekly, and going on visits with the full-time missionaries weekly. This will help you so much to prepare. Get to know the missionaries, and help them with whatever you can. Ask them to pass by your house and share a message with you and a non-member friend. No effort is ever wasted. And pray always for missionary experiences to find you every day.

This advice goes to all actually. I miss you all, and am so happy to be on a mission. Even though we are far away, I feel your love and prayers every day, and hope you all feel the same too. I know that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. And that having faith in Him and obeying His commandments is what truly brings us peace and happiness in this life, as well as eternal life. Be obedient. If you have the priesthood, woooo be even more obedient, for you can not afford not to. Be examples of Christ in all things, in all places, and in every moment.

Love to all,
Elder King / Nike
(This is how people usually pronounce my name here haha)

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