Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dear family,

I love you all so much.
You have no idea how much I love to hear that you are all making so much changes in your lives. Repentance requires change, and allows us to become more like our Savior Jesus Christ.

This week we are expecting the baptism of Pablo. He's the grandson of  a less-active member who we just reactivated. He is 18 years old and we found him one day when I offered to help him with his English homework (haha). We helped him while he had to write sentences about his life, we got to know him pretty well just by helping with his homework! So we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ to him and he accepted to be baptized. His whole family is so excited, even his older cousin, who has been inactive forever, came with all of us to church yesterday. I feel like this is the way Cuichapa is going to grow, through reactivating those who already have had testimonies, but have felt forgotten. Nobody is forgotten.... never. Don't forget about those who stray away from the path as they need you. Christ needs you to be His hands, and help those lost sheep return to His fold. You can do it in the ward, in your work, in your own family. There are millions of opportunities that pass by us every day.

Thank you for your emails. I love reading them as well. I hope everyone is doing very well.  I'll write you all personal emails next week, promise! (But remind me haha)
Can't talk much today, we spent our whole P-Day making kites out of palm fronds and twine, pretty fun stuff. But I'll send pics and more spiritual experiences next week! Love you!

Elder Knight

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