Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mi querida familia

¡Holaaaaa de Cuichapaaaa!

I hope everybodys had a great week this week, I know I have. This week has been a bit crazy, but we´ve enjoyed it. I can´t believe my mission is flying by so fast. It makes me want to work harder and even harder every day.

I received a letter from Presidente that he sent to all the missionaries this week, talking about how everyone in Heaven is working so busy and preparing everything as fast as they can. Faster than ever before. Think about it, 3000 years ago there wasn't such a big rush, nor a lot of work to do, to prepare for the Second Coming. But now, think about it. How many billions of people have come into this earth these past 3000 years, and how many of them still haven't received the ordinances of salvation? How many people are there who need this work to be done NOW so that we can prepare all of God's children for the Second Coming.

We know our Savior Jesus Christ will return soon, we don't know exactly when, but we do know He is coming, and we must be prepared in the very day. What are we doing to prepare ourselves? Do we love our brotheren? Are we doing everything possible so that everyone else is preparing themselves as well? There is a lot of work to do, and not all of it can be done in Heaven. WE, those here on the earth, need to be building the Kingdom of God here on the earth TODAY. Not tomorrow, not in one hour, but right now. I know God blesses those who serve Him, in miraculous and innumerable ways. Do not lose the blessings that He offers us. With every moment, I know we can be helping somebody else. Edifying the church, fulfilling our church assignments and callings. Magnifying our Priesthood, exercising it righteously in all moments. Caring for the needy, afllicted, spiritually sick.

As much as I love being a missionary, I envy you all at home. Even though you have work, school, and other needs to fulfill, you can all do so much good with that little bit of free time left. A few visits to less-actives, a bit more study for the Sunday School class, service to the needy, work with the missionaries. I know we all can do it!

This week we found a family in a house that wasn't theirs. The husband was doing a job painting the inside, and his wife and kids went to accompany him. We talked with his wife who didn't seem too interested in what we had to share, but we kept talking with her, without knowing why. We just felt like we should keep talking with her, then her husband (who we didn't know was there) came out, and presented himself. "Ismael", the father, then asked us a few questions, and explained that he and his family live in Cuichapa Viejo, a colony a bit far from our main area, but we've gone there before. We put an appointment with them, and went on Saturday. Wow, Ismael is such a great guy, and he really does love his family. While we talked with him about baptism and the gospel, he agreed with everything, and as we taught his wife and him about the Book of Mormon, they understood clearly. Elder Rodríguez and I felt so great after this lesson, we found another family 3 houses down while we contracted the street on our way out. It was a great way to end our night. I know that Heavenly Father is preparing people, and families, to listen to our message. Thank you for your prayers, I know He answers them. I love you!

"Keep Moving Forward"
-Elder Knight-

Someone's pet racoon (or what is it?)....not Trevor's lol

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