Monday, May 9, 2011

Trevor's first baptism!

Querido familia,

       ¡Fue tán incredible a platicar con ustedes ayer! No puedo
esperar para la próxima vez, ¡voy a marcarles esta navidad! Que padre
=D El barrio paquital esta bienísimo, y les amo todos los miembros.
Son tán amigable, y me ayudan con mi español cada día. No puedo pedir
por un barrio más mejor. Hoy vamos a tener una noche de hogar con la
familia Mesa Cruz. Crean pizzas mexicanos, y estamos muy animados a
probarles. La hija, Yuleidy Yamiletn, va a enseñarme más español
también. Pronuncia su nombre como "Jew-lady Jaw-mi-let," pero los J's
son un poco diferentes acca.
       Y la próxima martes, vamos a tener un conferencia misional.
Elder Quentin L. Cook va a decirnos. Tenemos que despertarnos a son
las 5 en la mañana esa día. Vamos a tener que dormirnos más temprano
la noche antes entonces tendremos energía. ¡Estoy animado porque voy a
ver mi districto del CCM otra vez!
Hoy jugabamos fútbol para siempre. Ya tengo sueño hoy haha. Un elder
en nuestro districo aquí es Elder Vasquez de la costa este. Hablabamos
mucho, y es un bueno amigo. Estoy feliz que le tengo en mi districto.
Me gusta hablarle, él es como yo en muchas maneras.

       And well, I figure I´ll write to you a little bit in English
today ;) It really was so great getting to talk to everyone yesterday!
Thank you all for being so incredible. I miss you all greatly, and I
can´t wait to hear from you all in your letters. I really don´t know
anything about sending mail from here at all. Nobody gets mail here
where I´m at, and I don´t think anybody sends mail either. So I´ll
have to ask the zone leaders tomorrow at district meetings. Today I
got my haircut. It took about 30 mins, and it´s still not much
different than it was this morning. But it was free and thats pretty
darn good. I also went to a few different places today, we walk ALOT.
I took some pictures for you all. There aren´t any ruins or anything
where I´m at right now in Minatitlan, just Mexico stuff I guess. I
don´t know how to describe it, I guess you´ll have to wait for the
pictures =)

Congratulations to Elders Marshall and Hernandez! That is
so great that you both have your mission calls! I'm SO proud of both
of you and I know that you are going to be such great missionaries.
The Lord knows us all, He is preparing those that you are going to
teach these next two years of your life to receive the gospel. Prepare
yourselves to be ready to find them. You both are so awesome.
       Anyways, Elder Plummer and I are doing great. We had a baptism
this week! I had the privilege of baptizing Angel. He´s 12 years old,
and he´s super smart. His mom is interested in the church, and has
told us that she was baptized about 30 years ago but we haven´t found
any records. His whole family is great. It was a beautiful program. I
love baptisms, the spirit is SO strong. If anyone ever has doubts
about the truthfulness of this gospel of Jesus Christ, go to a
baptismal service and the spirit will testify to you that it is true.
       Baptism by immersion by a person holding the proper authority
is an ordinance necessary to enter into the Kingdom of God. The
Celestial Kingdom, which should be everyones´ goal here, is truly
eternal life.

 The church is true. If it wasn´t, these young
missionaries would have destroyed it by now. It´s a sincere gospel,
inviting all to come unto Christ. If you´re a member, you should be
inviting a friend or family member to sacrament meeting every week. It
is such a simple way to share the gospel, and they will feel the great
spirit of peace
in the chapel and just know without a doubt that the
church is truly the church of Jesus Christ himself. It is the same
church he organized while on the Earth, and He leads it today through
our prophet Thomas S. Monson. The spirit is so strong when we are
worthy of it, strive to be worthy of the constant companionship of the
Holy Ghost every second of every day. You need it, you cannot feel
true happiness without it. When in doubt, testify. I do it all the
time here (haha)

       I want you all to know that I love you so very much. The
knowledge that our family will be together forever brings me so much
joy. I am here serving with all my heart, might, mind, and strength
because I know it is the work of the Lord.

Elder Trevor Knight

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                                              Elder Trevor Knight

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