Monday, May 30, 2011

New pictures and experiences...

Mi familia eterna,

Whoa. ¡Espereme! I just finished writing my letter to the President and I'm still in Spanish mode. I love the language down here, and the culture so much. Everyone is so chill down here, its good and bad. We were preparing for our baptisms this last week and it was so stressful not being sure who is going to do what. I love all the members here so much, but their lifestyle is so much more relaxed than ours, it is crazy! But also calming at times. I don't know how to describe it haha. It's crazy, but i've already been here one transfer too. There are some elders leaving our zone, which is a bummer. But I'm stoked to meet everyone else here in the mission! Elder Plummer and I will still be together this transfer as well. We become better and better companions each and every day. We teach more and more en juntos (together). It's amazing how much it helps our investigators!

We had two baptisms on Saturday! They were both so incredible. Please pardon me for not sharing their stories earlier:
One of the two was Liliana, who is 23. We found Liliana about 3 weeks ago while contacting en la colonia Emiliano Zapata. We were walking down the street and randomly bumped into an older Sister that I recognized from the church. We greeted her and she was just like "Follow me." Well, so we followed her. She walked us all the way into the next colonia 3 de Mayo y pointed us to a door. She told us to go teach to family inside. And no joke, we looked back to ask her who it was or why, and she was already gone, disappeared. So we walked up to the door. (And you don't usually knock on doors, you just stand infront of the house and shout "Buenos Días, Buenas Tardes, o Buenas Noches" depending on what time of day it is). So Liliana came up to the door and talked with us in the doorway for a few minutes until an older woman came from inside the house and told us to come in. We didn't know who it was, but turned out that she was an inactive member. She doesn't know why she went inactive, her and her son just stopped going to church one day. Her son, Enrique, is 19 and is married to Liliana, but works all day. So Liliana and her mother-in-law, Elbia, are always together and are like best friends.
Well, long story short, Liliana was so well prepared already and had the greatest desire I have ever seen to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ. She even taught a FamilyHomeEvening lesson the 2nd week we were teaching her. The only thing is that she is super afraid of water, like swimming. And she wanted to get baptized because she knew she needed to, but she still had a bit of fear. Needless to say, she was baptized last Saturday. It was such a beautiful program. Now I look back at the lady who showed us her house and she was definitely guiding us by the Spirit. I am so grateful for the members here in Mexico.

The other was Usbaldo (Oswaldo). We found him while trying to reactivate families in our ward about 5 weeks ago. It has been so great to see all of his family coming back into the church. His older brother and sister, David and Ruby, have helped us so much. After they returned to the church for 2 weeks, they were helping us teach Usbaldo and reading with him. It is so great to see what the gospel of Christ can do for families.

Well I'm running out of time this week. But I want you all to know how much I truly love you. I thank my Heavenly Father every night for all of the great examples He has given me in this life to prepare me to serve Him today. I am so grateful that I have parents who raised me in the way of the Lord. I truly am eternally grateful for this blessing.

I will write more next week, for sure. But know that I love you all. I am in the Lord's hands, loving every minute of it. Mexico is amazing, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now. The people are amazing and loving. We have an investigator, Clemente, who taught the youth how to make ice cream on saturday. It was awesome seeing him in the church serving others! I've tried to take pictures this week, I always forget I have my camera and I never remember to take pictures. haha, i'm working on it. I love you all! Read and pray, every day! =) Love, Elder Knight