Monday, October 10, 2011

Mi querido familia,
   You are all amazing. I can´t tell you how much you mean to me. Everything I have ever learned in life, from experiences and memories I will never forget, some bad and some good haha. I am so grateful to have been placed with such a loving, amzing family. I have news for you all. I will be seeing you on Thursday. I'm coming home.
   Hahahahaha no way. I'm totally kidding. Not about how awesome you all are, of course. But about coming home. You already know that's never happening. =P
   Anyways, on a more serious note, it has been a great week here in Carmen. Our branch is growing, and we're experiencing miracles left and right. We've been working with a few investigators this week, as well as many inactives and less-actives. I'm not sure if I've told you, but here in the island of Carmen, we're only a district and ramas. And since I've got here everyones always talked about becoming a stake, but it's never really been very serious or real. But President Castañeda is coming to sign some papers and fill stuff out next week to begin making Carmen into a stake! It's way rad, and everyone is super excited. But he has given us alot of goals to accomplish before anything happens. The district needs 8 more active, worthy high priests, and higher church assistance these next few months. Well, we've been visiting lots of people this week. And the normal 80 people in church turned into 110 yesterday! The chapel felt so full, and not to mention it was Fast and Testimony meeting. It was one of the most spiritual Testimony meetings I've seen here. There's a new elderly couple who just moved into our branch from the one right next to us, and they are legit. The husband only speaks english, but his wife translates for him. I talked to him for a while yesterday after church, and he told me about how much work he's been doing here in Mexico, even though he can't speak the language very well. But that the Spirit teaches to all in the same language. Anyways, he bore his testimony, and his wife translated. Everyone was talking to us about it later, about how they all felt the spirit even though he didn't speak their language. And, the family Chim Ko, has their baptismal date set for this coming saturday. Elena was a bit shaky about it at first, but we set the date with her and invited her to pray about it too. She did. The next day we went to see the family, and she told us about how she prayed, and afterwards, she just stayed on her knees and waited, and felt drops of water hitting her head. In the house, when it wasn't raining, with no possible explanation. She said that she felt so good and so sure, that she went into her daughters' room and told them all to make sure they wake up early because they were going to church no matter what! That she felt she needed to go, and nothing was going to stop them. And then her 7 year old daughter, Tania, just stood up and walked to the podium in the testimony meeting without telling Elena anything. And she went and said "Hello Brothers and sisters, I just want to share my feeling with you. I feel that this is the true church of Jesus. I know that He loves me and takes care of me and my family. Also, I feel that the Book of Mormon is true, and when I read it I feel happy. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." Oh, it was so powerful, and everyone was stunned at how blessed this little girl is to have a testimony so strong already. She later told us how a girl on the bus said that God doesn't exist, and Tania just went off on her I guess haha.
  Also, there is so much more. But my hour is already up, and I don't want to lengthen out our P-Day. We might go to a mail center today. Elder Ibarra has to send off a package, and I'm going to try and resend some letters that got returned to me. I'm sorry if you think I haven't written some of you, I don't know what goes on with the mail down here. I just drop it in the box, and pray that it somehow gets to the States haha. I guess my faith isn't strong enough for some of your letters haha. Anyways, thats whats up today. Elder Ibarra and I are going to the doctor too, because he has a cough that wont go away. We get along well, and help eachother out. I am so grateful for him, and his desires to work with me. It has been a good change this week. And too many spiritual experiences to count. Too many miracles to tell about. Too much evidence of God's hand in this work to deny it. I know this church is true. I know that the Book of Mormon is word inspired of God. I know that there is no better cause in this world, than to work in the service of our fellow-men. When you are in the service of your fellow being, you are only in the service of your God. Keep up the service, keep up the examples, and never forget that you are loved. And you have the obligation to share this love with everyone you meet. Take care of yourselves everyone.
Love, Elder Knight

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