Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011 letter to family and friends...

Querida familia,
Yes, another amazing week here in the mission field. Miracles happen. They happen every day. We just need to keep our eyes open for them. Just think of all the things we miss every day because we´re not paying attention... I can promise you there are alot. We often find ourselves focused on our own problems and whats going on in the moment. I was reading or something the other day, when I read/heard/something that "There are so many opportunities to serve others every day. But we miss so many of them only because our eyes are not open to them." I know that this is true. We should all try and LOOK, SEARCH for opportunities to serve, to help and reach out, to lend a hand to others. We have helped so many people this week. We decided to always keep our eyes open (spiritually) while walking to our appointments, not look at the ground, but look for opportunities to serve. To share the gospel, to hold a door open, to clean a a yard, to carry grocery bags, whatever it may be. Just do it. Don't think about if the person would accept your help or not, or if they really need it, or that you don't have the time. When we put others needs in front of ours, I promise you that God will take care of them both. I know that when we put the time into serving and helping others first, we are putting God in control of our lives. And who better to do so, eh?
This week Elena and Alejandra were baptized. Such a beautiful service too. The primary and relief society both sang special musical numbers. And we had about 45 people squished in this tiny room with only 30 chairs. Super crowded, with 8 people sitting across 5 chairs, and pretty loud with so many little kids. But oh, was the Spirit present, and reverence filled the whole room when the actual baptisms were performed. I will truly never forget it, how beautiful of a family the Chim Ko's are. And what a great feeling to know that their family can now be completed with these baptisms. The next step is temple sealing. Which will be so beautiful with Elena and Alejo. I hope I will be able to go with them in one year from now.
I received an email from a family in my first area. So great to hear from them, too bad I can't write them back in email though. SO great to hear how their family is progressing and staying true to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
I also received all of your emails! Sounds like things are going super great at home. I am so happy. I know that God answers our prayers. Well, now its time to go already. I love you all. Keep up the good work everyone. Keep moving forward.
With love, Elder Knight

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