Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween Letter from Trevor...

Mi querida familia,

(Trevor helping Elder Ibarra baptize a young girl)

I love you all so much. But don't have much time to write this week. I spent like 15 minutes writing my letter to Presidente, and when I sent it something screwed up and I had to write everything again. Times when I definitely hate computers haha. It has been a really good week though. We had zone conference with President Castañeda and his new counselor President ChiChia. President ChiChia is way humble and awesome, I love him. We practiced making contacts with him during the conference, and he taught us so much and inspired me to truly put more love and social aspects in all of our contacts. I can already feel my contacts being way more effective.

Also things are going great with Elder Ibarra and I! I learn so much every day, and we are helping so many people. I know that the gospel truly blesses our lives when we live according to it's teachings. Jesus Christ is the Savior of all the world, and paved the perfect path for us to walk on, if only we choose to follow him. I have thought about his guidance as a walkway..
Imagine that there is a straight path that leads to Christ. And you are walking on it, but cannot look down. You just have to walk wherever you are looking. The path to Christ, that he has paved, goes up and down, but is perfectly smooth and clean of debris or cracks. So all of the upward slopes are easy when we´re on the path.. Although sometimes we don't look at him, we are distracted by other things on the sides of this path, maybe a park, a surfboard, or a guy selling pozol(haha), whatever it may be. And we continue walking, but diverge from the path and start walking off until we trip on rocks, slip in mud, or soak our feet in puddles. Only to find that if we turn our head again to Christ, with His open arms, then we will start walking back towards the path, until we are on his pavement once again. If only we follow Him, and LOOK for Him, SEARCH for Him, we can be guided and everything will be much easier in this life.
Yes, it is complicated and I might not have explained it very well. To make things easier, just read the story of Lehi´s Dream of the Tree of Life in the Book of Mormon. Things will be much clearer and easier to understand, as it is the word of God, and He will help us.
Just know that I love you all so much, and am so grateful for your examples in my life. I don't know where I would be without you, my family, my friends, the church, everyone who I have ever met. You have all helped me so much in my life, especially in helping me prepare to go on this mission. I know my Savior Lives, I feel His presence with me when I follow Him and His commandments.

With love (and prisa), Elder Knight

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